Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller Review

Walking in the sunshine with a pet should be one of life’s great pleasures, however, with nervous, aging, or injured animals, it’s sometimes hard to balance their need for fresh air and a change of scenery in the great outdoors, with their need for rest or recuperation. That’s when  pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller could come to the rescue, and help provide you and your pet with the freedom and enjoyment you deserve. Currently priced on amazon at $83.99, with a dour and a half star average review, this is a great value product that could bring so much ease and simplicity to your life. To fully gauge just how good value this stroller is, it’s currently rated the 12th best stroller for cats, and thirteenth best for dogs, with 72% of users giving the stroller a five star review. Considering that similar products are on the market for thee hundred dollars or more, those are pretty appealing facts and figures indicating that this is a great quality and excellent value choice. Plus, you can rest safe and easy in the knowledge that Pet Gear are truly experts in this field, having been in business for eighty years, they certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to pet equipment.

Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Cat StrollerThe main feature of this stroller is evident in the title – it is a no-zip stroller. And what does that mean? No-zip is a new and innovative design that means the stroller closes with a latch, rather than a zipper. This results in a lot less hassle when opening and closing the stroller, and no fumbling around. It also reduces the chance of sneaky kitty cats  pawing at a zipper until it opens a little and escaping. So, while the main feature is that it locks and unlocks so easily, with no zips, there’s plenty more to be excited about with this innovative approach to pet strollers. Another identifying feature of the product – that is linked to the no-zip philosophy, is that your pet has total panoramic views of the outside world. Rather than being zipped into canvas with little mesh windows, there is no opaque canvas, and instead the whole word is before their curious and inquisitive eyes. This also means you can easily keep an eye on them and make sure they’re ok while on the go, and they can relax by being able to check you’re still within their sights easily. And if the no-zip isn’t enough freedom, the top of the canvas can be brought down, and there is a tether inside to make sure your pet is still contained and secure inside the more open version of the stroller. While many may assume that reducing the canvas would reduce the weather resistance of the stroller, they’d actually be incorrect- while transparent, the mesh that surrounds your beloved animal is actually 600 denier and water resistant, so this stroller can be used in all weather. For extreme weather, a water resistant cover is available, but sold separately.

In terms of comfort the human who pushes the stroller -the handle height is 40 inches from the ground, meaning this Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Strollercan be used comfortably by people up to six foot tall, with no hunching or back pain from bending over. There’s also a cup holder and a generous sized basket beneath the carrier which is easily accessible, and most pet owners can relate to the blankets, towels, treats, toys and water bowls that are required for longer walks or trips with pets. The removable lining is also a bonus, as it can just be thrown in the washing machine. The frame is light and easy to carry, and compact so it can be folded and kept in a trunk, or even stowed away nearly at home-weighing only thirteen pounds, it is not a bulky item. It would actually be of massive benefit to pet owners who suffer from joint pain or arthritis and struggle to carry crates, for example when taking their pet to the vet. As the animal is entirely contained, this can function like a crate, however instead of struggling to carry it, it can be easily pushed. The stroller is super easy to assemble when you first receive it, and has excellent balance – there’s no risk of it tipping backwards if you’re not holding on.

This stroller has a maximum capacity of thirty pounds, and while for some owners that means one medium sized dog, others would ideally use this for two or even three miniature or small dogs at a time. The downside to that plan is that Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller 2this stroller only has one tether inside, so if you plan on placing more than one animal in, if there’s any chance they’d try and escape, you would need to keep the top securely closed and locked, so there’s no way they can get out. However, as there is an unobstructed panoramic view, keeping the top down would not necessarily have a detrimental effect on your pet’s experience in the stroller. Particularly as features such as the elevated paw rest, which make it easy for your pet to look out for the stroller using a bar for support, only help their views of the big old world around them. And keeping the shutter down can actually make nervous or disabled dogs feel safe, and reduces the risk of other, potentially larger or more aggressive dogs, getting too close. Other minor issues with this stroller include the wheels being a slightly small six inches, and made of plastic, meaning that the stroller is only really suitable for smooth flat surfaces, and isn’t the best choice for an owner who world want to go running or jogging with their stroller. Although shock absorbents are advertised, comments from real life users feel this is an overstatement and advise going over ridges and bumps is not smooth at all. The nylon is fairly thin, and wrinkles a lot, so may require extra padding in the seating area, and as the stroller has four wheels rather than three, tuning can be a bit awkward or ungainly.

Overall, this I  great product if you only plan on taking smooth strolls around the neighborhood or park, but for anything more adventurous, another pet stroller may be better. However if your needs are simple and local, this is a great value and high quality stroller that dogs, cats, and their owners, all love going for walks with.  

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