PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

You walk in the door from a long, hard day of work, throwing your keys on the counter. You slip off your shoes and coat, PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Boxleaving them in the entryway as you head for the living room. Plopping down onto the sofa, your tired body relaxes into the cushions. You take a deep, relaxing breath … and crinkle up your nose in disgust. You look over your shoulder towards the mudroom behind you, looking for the culprit. Of course, the cat’s litter box. You’ve been meaning to clean it for days, but you’ve been so busy. You sigh, standing, and walk over to clean the litter box, your time for relaxation put off yet again.

Sound familiar? In this busy world, why waste the little time you do have to clean litter boxes? That’s why they’ve created the PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box. Many see self cleaning litter boxes as non essential, luxuries, and just plain silly. Let’s take a look and see just why these people are wrong.

Why Get a Self Cleaning Litter Box?

If you have indoor cats, you obviously need to have a litter box. But why should it be self cleaning? A self cleaning litter box allows for hands free cleaning, automatically, for long periods of time without having to clean or smell the cat waste. There’s no hurrying to clean the litter box before having company over, so they don’t have to see all the cat waste, and there’s certainly no coming home to a house that smells like one giant litter box, either. With a normal litter box, without fail, there will be a constant mess and a constant smell to deal with, no matter how great your cat litter might be.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter BoxAside from that, the dust and ammonia from the cat urine can actually make you sick. Whether it’s just the smell in the air as it sits in your home, or a more up close and personal smell as you clean, the odor has been known to cause respiratory problems for many. So why allow something that has the potential to cause health problems for you and your family into your home? Simply make life easier and healthier by investing in a self cleaning litter box.

Having a self cleaning litter box also creates more time. It can take a few minutes every day to every two or three days (depending how many cats you have) to clean, throw away, and refill your cat litter, not to mention cleaning up any spills of litter and dust. With a self cleaning litter box, you can go from a few minutes a day to just one minute each month dedicated to “cleaning” your cat’s litter box.

What Makes the PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box a Great Choice?  

Like the name clearly points out, this litter box is safe for your cats, scoop free, and self cleaning, just like so many others. So what makes this self cleaning litter box different? Let’s start with the pre-filled disposable litter trays. These trays come pre filled with what they call Premium Blue Crystals, a very special “cat litter” that not only absorbs urine and odor but it actually dehydrates solids. You never have to clean or scoop the crystals yourself, you simply replace the pre filled tray every few weeks. These replacement trays also come in not only the original scent, but in lavender as well.

Speaking of refilling the trays, you really do only have to swap them out every few weeks. For a home with only one cat, the tray can last up to thirty days. Not only do the refill trays last a long time, but they are also super easy as well as quick to change. It can take one minute or less to slide the  old tray out, cover and throw it out and slide the new pre-filled tray back in. That’s one minute of work for a month of hands free cleaning. You never have to touch the litter, and you certainly aren’t rustling dust and waste particles around and into the air anymore, either.

Let’s talk for a minute about just how this self cleaning litter box does it’s main job, cleaning away the waste. There are sensors that are able to tell when your cat uses the litter box. Once they do, a rake timer will start. This times lasts for twenty minutes, during which time the crystals work to remove the urine odor as well as start dehydrating and breaking down solid waste, as mentioned before. When the twenty minutes is up, the rake comes out, raking away the waste down into the covered trap. Talk about easy cleanup!

Pros:PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

  • Hands free cleaning for up to four weeks.
  • Automatic waste removal using rake system.
  • Crystals not only remove odor but break down solid waste.
  • Great add-ons (privacy hood, refill trays, and anti-tracking litter mats).
  • Four star review overall on Amazon.
  • Creates more time and less worry about odors and waste in your home.


  • More expensive than a regular litter box.
  • Possibility of sensors or rake machinery breaking or not functioning correctly.
  • Replacement trays are also more expensive than regular cat litter.
  • Must be plugged in to clean automatically.


If you’re looking for a new litter box, look no further than the PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box. With amazing features like the timed rake cleaning system and the Premium Blue Crystals, this self cleaning litter box just can’t be beat by hands on, odor filled litter boxes. So take one minute, once a month, to replace the litter tray and get back to relaxing and spending quality time with your family and pets in a clean, fresh home.

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