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Hoverboards are the absolute hottest gift right now, for kids and adults alike. While anything that moves fast and can be kind of dangerous is instantly attractive to young teens, the hot bubble gum pink color appeals to flamboyancy, and anyone who has grown up with Back To The Future will surely see the hoverboard as an absolute necessity. The first thing that needs to be mentioned when reviewing hover boards however, is that they don’t actually hover. Their wheels stay firmly planted on the ground at all times, and they’d actually be better described as electronic hands free scooters.

So now you know what a hover board actually entails, and you’ve decided that  bright pink is your color of choice, the question really is which is the best pink hoverboard? The Swagtron or the Hoverzon?

Both are currently priced at $399.99, and so budget isn’t a factor in making a decision, and $399 is about the minimum spend for a safe and good quality hoverboard, cheaper options would likely prove unsatisfactory and have a history of catching on fire.

Pink Hoverzon – The Good

There are loads of positive things to say about the pink Hoverzon hover board, and following recent scares involving Hoverzon S Pink Hoverboardfire and flammability, the first things wise consumers want to know, is if this hoverboard is a fire risk. And the answer is a firm no – this comes with multi layered battery protection, and the battery itself is a UL2272 certified, which means it meets contemporary safety standards, and isn’t prone to overheating like the first hover board models did. Should the battery be left charging for way too long and start to overheat, there is fire proof exterior casing, and sensor pedals, so no, this will not burn your house down. Though to be really safe, the trick is to not leave the Hoverzon hover board on charge for longer than the 3-4 hours it takes to get fully charged, This completely eliminates the risk of overheating, and is kinder to your battery, which can live a longer life, and won’t begin to malfunction after a while.

One great feature of this hoverboard – particularly as it can be used by both adults and children – is the fact that there are two different speed modes, one for beginners, and one for more advanced users. So you can be sure that an eight year old can’t go too fast, but a fifteen year old or daring forty year old, isn’t held back at all. It also means everyone can enjoy getting used to getting on and off in a safe mode, rather than diving in a the deep end. The maximum speed limit on this is 8 miles per hour, and the battery life will last a good few hours, and this can also go up slight hills. The tires are not pneumatic, meaning not air filled, and so won’t deflate or puncture if you go over something sharp while out and about. You can use the Hoverzon with confidence, as it comes with a one year warranty, and you don’t need to worry about replacing the batteries, or buying any extras, as it comes with a charger – and is charged up and ready to go upon delivery, so you can start having fun with it straight away! Everyone who uses this comments on how surprisingly easy it is to use, and can even be used in evenings or in the dark as It comes with bright blue LED headlights. And, with a maximum weight limit of 220 lbs, almost everyone can have fun using this hover board. When looking for the best pink hover board, this is definitely a contender!

Pink Hoverzon – The Bad

There are undeniably some great aspects to the Pink Hoverzon Hover Board, and you’d probably be very satisfied if you did decide to purchase it.  However, nothing is really perfect, and you would discover that there are a couple of downsides. The first is that, when being used by younger, lighter children, this can vibrate andHOVERZON S Self Balancing Hoverboard feel a little unsafe unless their feet are in the exact right position. Also, while this looks shiny, pink, and brand new now, it will get scuffed with use, and the rubber bumpers aren’t all that easy to affix and fall off easily, so the protection that is there isn’t the most reliable. Another factor people feel could be improved is that there is no indication when this is charging, and as there’s such concern about these overcharging and overheating, people are checking them constantly, and find life would be easier and they’d be able to relax if there was some indication as to when this was charging or fully charged.

While it’s great that there are two modes of use, there’s no actual indication of which mode you’re currently in, so you can’t tell if you’re on beginner or advanced, and may speed off without wanting to. You do need to be very smooth and deliberate in starting and stopping, and this will only work on smooth surfaces, it wouldn’t handle rough terrain or grass. This is also a really heavy hover board, weighing in at 28 lbs, and would be difficult to carry long distance to where you can use it, for example some places don’t allow these to be used on the street, and so carrying it to a park may be tough.

Pink Swagtron – Pros

The Pink Swagtron definitely needs to be considered when deciding on the best pink hoverboard. While this is currently the same price as the Hoverzon, it’s actually on sale and reduced by $70 – so could already be seen as the better value option.

Swagtron T1-UL2272 Pink HoverboardThe Swagtron has also been certified in all UL 2272 tests, and is a safe and reliable product, that is also unlikely to catch fire like previous versions of hover boards. This actually has super safe sentry shield battery technology, which is patented, and a smart battery management system, all of which monitor the heat and use of the battery, and protect it from overheating, damage, or fire. This also goes at a maximum speed of eight miles per hour, and can go for twelve or more miles without needing a battery change. There are two learning modes for this hoverboard too, and a minimum weight limit of 45 lbs, which is a great safety feature, as it means it simply won’t recognize anyone smaller trying to use it, and so they can’t have an accident while using it when they shouldn’t, for example a younger sibling wanting to try out the cool new toy. This also uses rechargeable batteries, and comes with a charger, and recommended charging time of around 2-3 hours. Though to preserve the battery and avoid overheating, it should be unplugged after that, there are safety mechanisms in place to protect the battery. Unlike the Hoverzon, this model does have battery indicators, so you know when it’s charged, and when it will soon run out of charge and needs to be plugged in, which is much more convenient. The rubber bumpers on this model are more effective, and the aluminum wheels are more ideally designed to not struggle over smaller bumps in the road. These should also protect the shell and paintwork a little more, keeping this looking newer for longer. And the Swagtron can also be used in the dark, as it too has LED lights. The footpads also have some traction, so you’ll feel steady and secure, and are unlikely to slip while using this board.

This comes delivered in an amazon box, so if it’s a gift, there’s no give away as to what’s inside, also if it’s left somewhere by the deliverer, passers by won’t know what it is. With a 4.7 star rating, it’s actually hard to find anything wrong with this hover board.

Pink Swagtron: Cons

There are very few downsides to the Swagtron, it really is up there with the best pink hoverboards. One user was swagtron-t1-ul2272-pink-hoverboard-2disappointed that it doesn’t have bluetooth, and like the Hoverzon, it is very heavy, and isn’t ideal to carry around when not in use. A lot of the issues people have with the Hoverton – the vibrating, the lack of battery indication – aren’t a problem with this one. It’s a great all around hover board, that customers are generally pretty thrilled with.


While both of these are great choices, there really isn’t much question when it comes to which is the best pink hoverboard. The Swagtron, which comes in at the exact same price as the Hoverzon, doesn’t have any of the issues that the latter seems to, and many of the upgrades recommended by users of the Hoverzon are already included with the Swagtron. The battery indicator is a big issue, and the tires and foot stand are far superior in design and functionality. For all they’re a similar color, and will go at a similar speed, the Swagtron just has better design features and functionality, as well as safety measures for children under 45 lbs.

While both are great options that you’re sure to have a lot of fun with, the Swagtron is the best pink hoverboard to enjoy safe and secure futuristic transport with.

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