Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter Review

While relatively new technology has been broadly implemented for new scooters, including features like learning to steer, this is a good old fashioned kids scooter. It’s a completely traditional three wheeled model, which has two front wheels and one rear wheeled, and is simply designed as a toy for young children.

Radio Flyer My 1st Three Wheel ScooterAt a cheap price this is definitely a toy, rather than a piece of mini sporting equipment like other scooters, however this doesn’t make this a worse product, it just depends on how you use it. This is more appropriate for younger age groups than many other scooters are, and most 2 year olds to 4 year olds don’t need advanced machinery while they’re learning to push themselves around. As a toy, this can also make a great gift for friends and relatives with younger children. There’s a maximum weight capacity of fifty pounds, which is pretty heavy, however it is worth also bearing in mind that this is only 24 inches high, and so is more dependent on the height rather than the weight of the child using it. It is specifically designed for younger children, which parents should be aware of. While some parents have expressed dissatisfaction about this being too small for their five year olds, the product description clearly states this is only suitable for children up to age four – so if you’re looking for something that will last your child until the are six or seven, it would be recommended to look at other models.

This height is also not adjustable, so it can’t be altered to grow with your child- while they’re perfectly safe using a slightly higher handle, they will be uncomfortable and unbalanced using a lower one, and so this is really not recommended for older or taller children, it is best to purchase this scooter when your child is around 2, and can use it for a couple of years, as it may only be suitable for a four year old for a couple of weeks.

As this is designed for children as young as two who are only just learning balance and how to propel radio-flyer-my-1st-scooterthemselves by pushing, it has an extra wide base, to ensure your child has maximum stability. The foot brake on the rear wheel also means your younger children can control their speed and when to start and stop. By placing two wheels at the front rather than the back, your child is more supported when they try and steer, and less likely to wobble or feel unsupported. They remain absolutely in control of the scooter. And while some children find themselves tripping up when they’re trying to kick and accidentally come into contact with the deck of the scooter, this deck actually has a tapered design so they can smoothly and safely kick themselves forward, without catching their feet at any time. The kick path is totally clear, which is a really great safety feature.

While your child is becoming accustomed to using a scooter, or as their confidence increases and they start to go faster, they may find themselves clinging onto the handles, and that’s no problem with this scooter – they’re not at all at risk of blisters or sore palms, as the handles have an ergonomic grip – so they can hold on as tight as they like without hurting their little fingers.

The rear wheel of this scooter is covered which makes it a safe ride, and ensures no shoelaces can get caught in the wheels. The wheels are made of rubberized plastic, which is very tough and can easily go over carpet as well as sidewalk. While newer scooters are using leaning and steering methods, this is traditional, and turns by steering with the handlebars. Many parents feel more comfortable with this method, and the handlebars on this scooter don’t turn too easily, so there’s little risk of your child unintentionally zig zagging everywhere, or accidentally veering off course.  As this is a perfect beginner scooter, wobbling would be likely with easier steering, as this is designed for children who are only just getting to grips with balancing, kicking and turning. Though in reality, most children have this completely sussed and are speeding around with confidence after just a couple of days.

radio-flyer-my-1st-scooter-2One downside to this scooter compared to previous models is that it does not fold down. While it is super easy to assemble, as the handle bars only need to be clicked into place, the only way to really store this is by removing the handle again. It’s an easy process, but for many it’s not quite as easy as just folding it up. This is also a fairly bulky scooter, and isn’t recommended to travel with, however much of the bulkiness is caused by the stroller having extra width in the deck, which makes it safer for your child.

One of the biggest selling points for this scooter is that almost 700 parents have provided independent reviews, and they are overwhelmingly positive. With a 4.2 star rating, this is in the top 20 best selling kick scooters. Parents are more than happy to recommend this to someone with a younger child, which makes it a really solid gift option for your next birthday party. It’s also a great choice of toy to keep at the grandparent’s house, as it can be used over carpet indoors and keep the little one entertained, or outside, which may relieve grandma or grandpa from the back pain or stress of pushing a growing child in a stroller. At only five pounds, it’s easy to carry if our child wants to use it to get to school, and you’re then left carrying it home.

Overall, this is a great, traditional toy scooter. It doesn’t have some of the more modern features other children’s kick scooters do, however this is significantly more affordable, and is still a great platform from which you can help your child develop their balance and confidence.

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