Razor Gogo Pogo Stick Review

The Razor Gogo pogo Stick is a nice option for those who are used to getting their money’s worth – it’s inexpensive, well-built, and versatile. Whether you have school-age kids or teens in your house, the Razor Gogo is one of the best ways to get them out of it and on some fresh air.

Why Get a Pogo Stick?

Razor Gogo Pogo Stick ReviewNext to the red wagon, the humble pogo stick is one of the most iconic ride-on toys and a hallmark of the American childhood.

However, it’s not the reputation and history alone that make it a worthwhile investment. Painting with a broad brush, we can speak of two ways pogo sticks are useful to your kids, or your adult self, even – the first dimension is mental development, and the other physical. Let’s start with how this simple toy can help your child develop mentally. For a start, much like other ride-on toys (such as trikes, wooden horses, the aforementioned red wagons, and, of course, bikes), pogo sticks promote interaction with other kids by the mere fact it’s interesting and pretty much forces the kid step outside and play. So, in addition to enjoying the fresh air, your kid enjoys the company of other children, as well as the competition and cooperation that it entails. This helps the kids develop and/or enhance social skills and emotional responses as they wait to take their turn on the stick (if there are more kids than sticks, obviously), or teach/learn new tricks. Similarly, the stick serves as an important confidence and self-esteem booster, as it allows kids to show off new their new skills balancing on it.

On that same note, pogo sticks promote balance, at least in the same degree as bicycles (once you take off the training wheels). Moreover, pogoing provides a decent workout for several muscle groups that play an important role in keeping balance and good posture. There are four primary groups – spinal muscles (it takes your whole back to keep you stable hopping on the stick), core muscles (pretty much the same deal, with the added benefit of getting a nice and firm tummy), calves and quads (lower and upper leg muscles, respectively). The benefits to a kid’s physical development are obvious, but even adults, especially those of a certain age, could profit from it. For example, did we mention it helps you have a firm stomach? Add to that the fact that hopping on a pogo stick also helps with toning up the hips and buttocks, and you have another two reasons to get one. Of course, it goes without saying that you should always wear protective gear – a helmet will do it, but if you really want to play it safe, feel free and go for knee and elbow pads.

What Makes the Razor Gogo Pogo Stick a Great Choice?Razor Gogo Pogo Stick Review

The Razor Gogo Pogo (got to love the way it rolls off the tongue) is a nice choice for kids older than six years, as well as adults (provided they meet the weight requirements). Speaking of weight, the upper limit is officially 140 pounds, though you could push it up to 160 pounds. Just make sure you check for wear and tear regularly before and after each ride. On a similar note, make sure you’re not using it for any extreme tricks, especially if you’re pushing the weight limit, and always wear protection. As far as the lower weight limit goes, the manufacturer doesn’t actually recommend anything, but logic and customers’ experiences dictate it should be at least 60 pounds.

While we’re discussing numbers, it’s worth noting that the Gogo measures 39.5 inches from the bounce tip to the handlebars, which recommends it for riders up to 5’5” or in that neighborhood. This is just as well, seeing that’s pretty much relatable to the upper weight limit. The frame of this stick is made of aluminum, which is pretty much the standard, as aluminum makes for a lightweight product without sacrificing any sturdiness (the whole thing weighs about 6.25 pounds). It has the height potential of up to two feet (on paper), though realistically, you should expect one foot max, given how stiff the spring is. On the flipside, what you can also expect from this puppy is consistency and durability, and the rubber bounce tip will do nicely on any type of hard surface. The downside to this last feature is that the kids might decide to test it out on the parquet inside the living room.

The stick comes ready to pogo right out of the box, though the spring does need to be broken in a little bit. Younger kids, especially approaching the lower weight limit, might experience difficulties compressing the spring, so you’ll have to help them (no matter how hard it is to relinquish the stick afterwards). On a more serious note, though, the Gogo is very sturdily built overall, spring system, frame and all, and your kids will sooner outgrow it than break it. Speaking of breaking, the maintenance is pretty straightforward, and it should be noted that the foot pegs are replaceable (no spare pegs come with the purchase, though). To continue, the stick features handlebars with a nice and comfy foam grip, as well as non-slip foot stands, both of which are completely foldable. Granted, this won’t make the Gogo pogo any shorter than its 39.5 inches, but it will save you some space.

Pros:Razor Gogo Pogo Stick Review

  • Great choice for kids and teens alike.
  • Definitely inexpensive.
  • Comes with a fully enclosed spring system, which goes a long way to preventing anything from being snagged.
  • Handlebars and foot pegs are fully foldable, helps save a couple of inches.


  • A sizable number of users complain about the spring being too stiff.
  • Doesn’t pack foam around the shaft, which might cause some bruising around the knee area.

Now that everything’s been weighed and measured, some recommendations would be in order. Bottom line, the Razor Gogo Pogo really comes into its own when used by kids older than six years (and even then, only when the spring is broken in), or teens and adults up to 140ish pounds.

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