Regalo Hideaway Toddler Bed Rail Review

For most parents, their child’s safety is of paramount concern, and something they take very seriously. Transitioning from a crib to a ‘big-kid’ bed is a huge step for both parent and child, for the parent it’s a sign of how time is flying by and for the child it is the first step towards growing up and getting a little independence. While there is a lot of information out there,  and many new parents may feel conflicted about what is right for them having received contradictory advice from friends and family, the best thing to do is go with our gut, and take all steps that you feel necessary to keep your child as safe as possible. To stop your baby from taking a tumble during the night, the best safety measure there is toddler bed rails.

Why Buy A Bed Rail?

Regalo Hideaway BedrailThe absolute main concern of most parents when purchasing a bed rail is safety. It’s important to find a bed rail compatible with the age of your child and the type of bed they have to make sure it’s safe and they can’t get trapped between the mattress and the bedrail – which is more of a risk if your child is leaving the crib for the big bed quite young, at around two instead of three or four years old. The main purpose of the bed rail is to stop your child falling out of bed during the night. While being woken up by the thumping noise is inconvenient once you’re reassured they’re unharmed, the fact is that they could bang their heads and actually seriously injure themselves. Remove all of the risk and have a good night’s sleep by installing a bed rail that will keep them securely in their comfy bed. A bedrail is also an essential addition for kids who suffer from seizures as they may not be in control of their movements and end up taking a tumble out of bed during a fit, which could only make that situation worse.

Another issue a lot of parents experience is that their child, now free of the bars on their crib , can be highly excitable on a night, and see their newfound freedom as a great time to push bedtime boundaries, try playing on a night, or simply use the opportunity to hop out of bed and play with their toys or run down stairs and see what Mom and Dad are up to. While most really determined kids will be able to climb over a bed rail if they put their minds to it, it does make it harder, and discourage their game. One of the main reasons parents use for switching their child from crib to bed is that they’re able to climb out of the crib, or are too big for it. The sturdy construction of bedrails, and lack of bars they can hold onto can make climbing out harder, and if they’re a little big for the crib, and start moving around during the night, then they can really give themselves a hard knock if they hit themselves off a bar of their crib. Bedrails are generally mesh or foam, so this risk is also eliminated.

And while a crib has all of these benefits for your child, it can also be a lot better for the parent. Not having to worry about them falling out of bed is only the first advantage, others include your own physical health – as your child grows it can be tough lifting them up and putting them down, and when you’re having to strain your back in order to do that over the rail of a crib, you could potentially do some damage. Most bed rails either provide gaps, or some sort of opening mechanism that means your child can get in themselves before you secure the bedrail, which puts no strain on your back.

Why Is The Regalo Hideaway The Right Choice?

Regalo Hideaway Bed RailAt a low price, this bedrail has a rating of 3.6 stars from over 300 parents, which shows this is a reliable and satisfactory product. One thing that should be noted about this bedrail straight away is the fact that it requires a box spring mattress in order to work – it is not comparable to slats, or any other kind of bed. It also works best on twin size beds or larger rather than toddler beds. One of the best features of this mattress is the inherent ‘hideaway’ nature, which means it can be neatly tucked under the mattress when not in use, leaving a clean look to the room, that doesn’t interrupt with the décor. This also means you can tuck your child in, sit on their bed to read them a story, then slide the rail into place when they’re ready for sleep – there’s no interrupting your interaction with them. The rail itself is sturdy and strong, with a steel frame, while the middle of the rail is mesh, which is great in case your child does roll into it as it’s breathable, and they won’t hurt themselves like they would banging their head on the bars of a crib. And while the mesh is breathable, safety measures have also been taken in the form of a patented ‘gap guard’ technology that ensures the bedrail is held tightly against the side of the mattress and doesn’t move at all, thus meaning there is no space for your child to slip down and get stuck. As well as being safe, this is also very convenient for parents – no tools are needed to install this, and it’s machine washable, both features which can save parents time and unnecessary effort.  

Pros:Regalo Hideaway Bed Rail

  • Will fit most mattresses, even really thick
  • Safe
  • Easy to install and keep clean


  • Only for adult sized beds twin to queen, not toddler beds
  • Only suitable for box mattresses
  • Better with thick mattresses as thin ones may be uneven due to the rails beneath

This is a very reliable mattress, the downside is that it only works on very specific mattresses and beds, but if your child’s bed would be appropriate, then you would surely be happy with the results, as it is safe, and easy to install, use on a daily basis, and keep clean.

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