Simmons Foldaway Folding Bed Cot with Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Simmons Foldaway Folding Bed Cot with Memory Foam mattress is a simple and chic design, that can be used long term without damaging the aesthetic of a room, or also easily stored and folded away. While many people only opt to purchase a cot with a mattress as and when you find yourself needing one, the truth is that they’re actually such a handy thing to buy in advance, as you’ll be surprised by just how often you end up using one.

Simmons Foldaway Folding Memory MattressFor anyone with children, especially children who are in the phase of running into mom and dad’s room on a night, this is a great way for them to be close to you, but for everyone to also have a good night’s sleep. This is also perfect for grandparents who don’t have the bed space for all of their grandchildren when they stay over, particularly because it is just so compact and easy to fold and put away when not in use. It can fit under a queen or regular twin size bed, or stand alone in a closet or garage. As this cot bed can accommodate weight of up to three hundred pounds, it’s also perfect for planned and unexpected guests, or to take traveling as it will easily fit into a trunk or even a suitcase. This is also the perfect size to be used in a camper van while traveling in an RV.

For anyone who has experienced illness or a bed ridden relative, it’s a great way to stay close to them during the night, and is also ideal for new homeowners who are waiting to move their proper furniture in, or are undergoing renovations.

With many reviews culminating in a four star rating, this is a popular and affordable product. Cheaper products are available, however they can take less weight, and are normally much closer to the ground, where this is lifted almost to the height of a regular bed, and with memory foam mattress technology, this will feel like the comfort of a regular bed. The simple and chic design means that when it’s not stored away safely, it can be dressed with sheets and cushions and completely blend into your room, it’s not clumpy or ungainly, nor will it get in the way or stand out as an eyesore.

The memory foam mattress has a luxurious and plush honeycomb cover, which is thick enough to provide even more comfort – this is really nothing like the awkwardness of an air bed, or the low level of travel cots that are mere inches from the ground. This has all the trappings of a real guest bed, except it can be tucked away when not needed, and also used for camping and traveling. Why struggle to sleep in a sleeping bag on hard floor while in a tent, when you can sleep soundly on one of these?

The mattress also has spring suspension around the perimeter, and so while it’s foldable, it is as secure and supported Simmons Foldaway Folding Bed Cot with Memory Foam Mattressas a regular mattress, which means it gives a firm bed to sleep on, without being hard – it will contour to your shape, but not sag. While other travel cots are susceptible to the mattress sagging through the frame after repeated use, this has specific technology to avoid that. This is also an excellent option for anyone moving to college, or visiting someone there as it’s difficult to transport full size beds across the country, let alone fit them into tiny dorm rooms, and it seems silly to spend a fortune on full beds for vacation homes, when the beds are only used once or twice a year.

As the cover can be removed, and is machine washable, it is easy to wash in the laundry with everything else, and so takes no special maintenance or upkeep to keep clean and tidy.

And while airbeds take extra inflating equipment, or a significant time investment in blowing them up, this travel cot can be assembled in minutes and ready to go, so it’s perfect for any last minute house guests or spontaneous plans. Or even to erect in a tent after a long day of hiking, after which you’re not in the mood to start messing about with inflatables. And it only needs to be assembled once, after that it just folds and unfolds.

simmons-foldaway-folding-bed-cot-with-memory-foam-mattress-2No matter how heavy the person using the bed is, this cot is silent and doesn’t creak or groan at all while being used. This is great quality for the price, and whether used regularly or infrequently, it will last a long term, and can easily be brought out and unfolded after a couple of years, or left out and used regularly for the same amount of time. This is frequently recommended by the people who have used it as being great quality for price, as it really is an amazing quality and well built cot.

As nothing is perfect, there is one flaw that is noted regarding this cot, and that’s the width. While there are no specific size guides for this bed aside from the three hundred pound weight limit, this is a little narrow. Anyone with a particularly broad frame may need to sleep on their side, or get used to being broader than the bed. The narrow width is the only downside with this particular cot.

For anyone considering purchasing a travel cot, for use at home or on the road, there is no way you’d be disappointed with the comfort, stable, and style of this cot bed. However, if you’re planning on using this for guests who regularly visit who are fairly broad, it would be worth looking further for something to specifically fit that need. Small to medium build would be totally fine on this cot though, and they would be more comfortable than in a sleeping bag, or stuck on a couch or airbed. It’s definitely worth investing in a cot bed with a mattress for guaranteed comfort and a good night’s sleep.

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