SKORCH Dry Bags & Backpacks Review

The SKORCH Backpack is an ideal choice for anyone working with a limited budget, but looking to find a waterproof backpack. Better yet, it comes with an offer that also includes a dry bag, which can always come in handy if you need some extra space. Alternatively, you might decide to make a short detour and don’t need to carry everything with you – in this case a smaller dry bag is the ideal answer.

Why Get a Waterproof Backpack?

SKORCH Dry Bags & Backpacks ReviewThis is a great question, and the answer is the same as if one were to ask – Why get a hiking backpack? Granted, you can use either for either, but if you really want to get the best out of your hiking trip, you’ll get the hiking backpack, because it has all the features you’ll need (even those you might forget about). Similarly, if you plan on spending your time near or on the water, or if you’re expecting heavy rains while backpacking, you’ll want a waterproof backpack.

Of course, one important distinction must be made, that between a waterproof backpack and a water-resistant backpack. As for the former, there’s not much to talk about – if it’s waterproof, it means it won’t take in water, plain and simple. Waterproof backpacks will be well able to survive being submerged, and keep everything inside dry as bone. Although, come to think of it, it would be a smart idea to keep your electronics in Ziploc bags within your backpack, just in case. Sometimes a human error can undo all the smart engineering (hey, not judging here). These backpacks will also have no problem floating, or keeping your belongings dry even if you decide to walk under a waterfall. Obviously, they’ll invariably cost a little more, mostly due to the processes involved in their making.

Conversely, water-resistant backpacks will be somewhat cheaper, and they won’t be fully waterproof, though the higher-end ones will get you through torrential rains and survive accidental drops into the water. They won’t, however, be able to keep anything out if submerged. So, to answer the question – you get a waterproof backpack if you want to keep your stuff dry in all manner of conditions, and you get a water-resistant backpack if you’re willing to settle with it’s-good-enough.

What Makes the SKORCH Backpack a Great Choice?

Whether you’re planning on actively spending some time on the water, or just lazing around the beach, you’ll need someplace to keep your stuff dry. That’s where the SKORCH Backpack comes in. This is one of those rare products that actually deliver on what they promise, so the SKORCH is completely waterproof and well able to protect your belongings from getting wet even in the most torrential rains. Of course, it also performs splendidly when a wave splashes over the edge of your boat, or if you happen to drop it into the water (purely by accident, of course). That said, the SKORCH isn’t exactly designed to survive being submerged, especially for longer periods of time, so do try to avoid that. On the flip side, the backpack floats just fine, so you’d be really hard-pressed to submerge it long enough soak whatever it is you’ve got in it.SKORCH Dry Bags & Backpacks Review

The material that goes into making this puppy is some sort of durable PVC, and should last you a decent amount of time. On that same note, we liked the fact that this material makes it very easy to maintain and clean the backpack, which is always the worst part of every travel. All you need to clean it on the outside is a wet cloth and a couple of minutes. This should also do nicely for the inside of the pack, unless it starts getting a little… gamy, shall we say. In that case, it’s recommended that you wash it manually, using just plain old soap or a mild detergent. Once you’re happy with your work, flip the backpack inside out and leave to dry on fresh air (shouldn’t take long, considering the properties of the material).

In the way of storage, the SKORCH backpack has a couple of different variants, each coming with its own dry bag. If neither suits your needs, you might like the third option, which includes two equal-size dry bags. Here’s what on the table (choose depending on your color preferences, and, more importantly, storage needs):

  • a couple of 10L dry bags (yellow and blue, both with black straps);
  • 20L backpack with a 10L dry bag (purple with pink lettering and black straps);
  • 30L backpack with a 5L dry bag (white with black lettering and matching straps).

It’s important to note that all of the storage capacity on SKORCH backpacks and dry bags is found in a single large compartment, bar the purple 20L backpack, which also has a zippered pocket in the front. Of course, it should go without saying that the zipper is fully coated and doesn’t leak (unless submerged, obviously).

Pros:SKORCH Dry Bags & Backpacks Review

  • One of the best bangs for the buck, and a very budget-friendly bang, at that.
  • The backpack is ideal for a variety of water and winter sports, as well as a number of non-sporty activities near the water.
  • The quite durable PVC material should last a good long while; it also makes cleaning the backpack a whole lot easier.
  • The pack does float, so it should be fairly easy to retrieve it, provided it doesn’t drift too far away.
  • Fairly spacious, with a capacity of about 20L.
  • Sells well on Amazon.


  • You can’t submerge it fully, but it should survive accidentally falling into the water.
  • It would be nice to have more compartments, or, at the very least, some sort of webbing or D-rings on the outside to use as attachment points.

All things considered, the SKORCH backpack is a nice choice for anyone who spends a lot of time on the water, whether canoeing, kayaking, rafting, boating, fishing, even snorkeling, or just lying around and getting a nice tan. Of course, there is the option of buying it separately, but it’s much more cost effective to take up on this offer and get a nice dry bag for just a little bit extra.

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