Sleep Master Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed Review

The Sleep Master Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed is a comfortable and high quality cot that can provide a great night’s sleep, even in the long term. The product has some great features, and is really versatile and multi-functional and would be used regularly by most households.

Sleep Master Traveler Elite Folding Guest BedThis cot bed with the mattress is seventeen inches from the ground, and so keeps the sleeper far away from the cold dirty ground when camping, and feels like a regular twin bed when used in the house. The frame itself is fourteen inches from the ground, and the three inch mattress lifts the total height to seventeen inches, which makes it easy to get in and out of.

The three inch mattress consists of half and inch of fiber padding, and two and a half inches of pressure relieving comfort foam, which provides a firm yet contouring mattress. This firm mattress means that it won’t sag or sink around the frame, and will instead remain sturdy and strong and in shape. The foam itself is the highest quality foam, it is certified for durability, performance, and content, so it will be sure to last you a long time, whether the cot is used regularly or only occasionally once or twice throughout the year.  

This frame is much more generous than other models, it’s 31 inches by 75 inches, and 75 inches is about an average length and would easily fit people who are six feet tall or over. Thirty one inches width however, is wider than most travel cots with mattresses, and means you will have as much room as you’d have in a twin bed, you wouldn’t need to lie on your side or fear moving around too much – you can get comfy and relax in this cot.

This cot folds in half, including the mattress, which makes it really easy for transport and storage. It’s only eight inches high when folded so it should fit under most beds, or can be placed into a closet or trunk of a car. Many people who use this bed live in small city apartments and just love how little space it takes up when it’s not in use.

No assembly is required after the first use of this product, it simply folds and unfolds, which makes it so much easier toSleep Master Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed use than an airbed, as well as being more comfortable. Where an airbed needs to be rolled out and then inflated with separate equipment, or blown up manually which is such a massive effort, getting ready for bed is much more of a task than when using a simple pop up bed. It will just fold up and fold out when you need it, making it a totally stress free process.

This travel cot has a 4.1 star average rating from two hundred and forty consumers, which shows that people are extremely satisfied with this travel cot. This cot bed is more expensive than other travel cots, and it weighs 26.6 pounds, making it heavier than some on the market, however, it is also larger, which is more comfortable. That tends to mean this is better to keep at home for guests than to try and travel with, rather than something you’d carry through an airport, or fit into checked luggage. This is also a fairly stylish and chic option compared to other cots- the frame is minimalist black, and the bed is plain white, and while the monochrome style is ok in itself, it could easily be accessorized to fit in with every room, so it doesn’t need to be an eyesore if used long term. The weight limit for this cot is 250 lbs, so while it’s wider than normal, it can accommodate a fairly large weight, though if this isn’t enough of a weight capacity there are other models that can hold up to three hundred pounds. For the average houseguest, 250 lbs should be more than generous enough.

The mattress has springs for extra support and comfort, and really does feel like a night in a regular bed. The extra width of this cot means it’s great for either one adult or two children. The mattress is of an equal quality to much more expensive options, and provides the same level of comfort. While stored, there are handy straps to wrap around the frame so it stay securely in position, even when not being used.

Sleep Master Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed ReviewThis travel cot is great at home for guests, for kids sleepovers, and for any children who run into mom and dad’s room on a night, and like remaining close by. With a travel cot for them or the parent to sleep on, they can feel safe near their parents, while still enjoying a good night’s sleep. For any family that has experienced a sick child or bedridden relative, you’re aware of how useful comfortable sleeping arrangements are near them.

This is also just perfect for camping or use in an RV, as exploring the great outdoors no longer means suffering with the aches and pains of sleeping on a cold hard ground. Or even with trying to find the perfect balance between inflating an air bed enough to be comfortable, but not so much that it deflates from being over inflated. The space in dorm rooms is so limited that this is a great option for students who are finding their feet, or for homeowners who are waiting on their furniture, or redecorating before they move their nice things in. For parents, grandparents, or people who host guests often, this is absolutely essential, and there are very few people who wouldn’t be able to fit on this bed and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

While this is slightly larger than some cot beds with mattresses, that space guarantees room to get comfortable, however does make it a little heavier, and a little more difficult to transport, though it is still compact enough to fit in a trunk, or be stored out of the way in a city apartment.

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