Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat Review

Lounging around after a hard day’s work is probably the best feeling you can have, and everyone’s got an idea of the perfect seat – some prefer armchairs, others swivel in basket chairs, and yet others love their bean bags, but those who want to relax to the fullest know to go for hammock chairs. Now, buying the perfect hammock chair can be a little bit daunting, not so much because of the specs and features, and the sales-y jargon sellers wrap around their products to, well – sell them, but rather for the sheer amount of possible choices there are. Plus, many still feel wary of hammock chairs and hammocks in general, fearing they’re prone to tipping over, but let’s see why those folks are just plain wrong.

Why Get a Hammock Chair?

Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing SeatGranted, some hammocks are known to tip over, but we’re talking just about hammocks, and just about one specific type of hammocks – the so-called American style hammocks (think Gilligan’s Island). They’re usually made of rope and come with spreader bars which, admittedly, allow for easy access, but also make the hammock easier to tip. The rest of the types, hammock chairs included, are not likely to flip, no matter how hard you try. On that same note, all of the remaining types of hammocks, this time sans the chairs, are a bit difficult to negotiate on entry, so to speak, but once you get a hang of it (no pun intended), it becomes a piece of cake.

But why would you want a hammock chair, or hammock, for that matter? Well, for one, the suspended design means that there are no pressure points, so your muscles will have the opportunity to unwind like they never could if you sat in a regular chair or a beanbag. No more sore buttocks or achy back for you! On that same note, you would have to stretch once in awhile, just so your body remembers its joints, but you could theoretically sit in a hammock chair for hours on end.

Secondly, it’s great for sleeping. You’ve probably already heard or read somewhere that hammocks help you fall asleep faster and sleep much deeper than you would on a mattress, foam or otherwise. This is pretty much confirmed not only by anecdotal evidence, but also by a number of studies. The basic premise is that the lack of pressure points, the general feeling of weightlessness and the gentle rock help your body relax on a level it hasn’t known since the time you spent in the womb (or cradle, at any rate). In other words, unlike the times when you dozed off reading in an armchair, waking up in a hammock chair won’t come with sore neck or achy back.

What Makes the Sorbus Swing Seat Hammock Chair a Great Choice?

The Sorbus Swing Seat Hammock Chair is pretty much what you would expect after hearing the name – a very comfortable swing chair. This thing comes with a couple of nice cushions (nothing to write home about, but comfy enough), and it’s a great addition to any balcony, porch, veranda, patio or just the backyard. Sure enough, you could put this thing into your den or living room, but it does seem a shame to deprive folks of the view on such a cute piece of furniture.Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat

On a more serious note, the chair is definitively very comfortable, and there’s enough space to put up your feet (both literally and figuratively). The material is a blend of cotton and polyester, which makes it quite breathable and stretchable, respectively. It measures about 40 x 50 inches (without the rope, of course), while the removable cushions measure in at 17 x 17. Again, they’re not the plushest things you’ll find out there, but they are removable. While we’re crunching numbers, it’s important to note that the maximum bearing weight of this puppy is 265 pounds (no idea where they got the 5 pounds), so it should hold even the heavier-sat family members when everyone gets together for the Sunday BBQ. You might even stretch it to 300 pounds, but be sure to check it regularly for wear and tear before and after every use.

On a similar note, if it just so happens that someone stains the chair during the get-together, keep in mind that the material is machine-washable, just put it in and wash like you’d do any other cotton-polyester blend. Conversely, you could wash it in the tub or hose it down, whichever way you think it’s most effective.

As far as hanging the thing goes, there are essentially two options – indoors or outdoors. In both cases the recommended minimal height is seven feet, but the hardware you’ll need for hanging differs. Here’s the major drawback, though it’s something you’ll see repeat with an overwhelming majority of hammock chairs – you get no hardware with the purchase. That said, here are a couple of suggestions for your set up. If you’re hanging the chair in your living room or bathroom (hey, we’re not asking), be sure to screw an eye-hook into a joist, or, better yet, run it through and secure with a nut and a washer on the other side, to be secure. On the other hand, if you want to hang it off a branch, you might want to consider using either a chain with a couple of S hooks, or a looped rope / strap with wire gate carabiners. A length of rope and a strong knot should also do the trick if you don’t mean to move it around much.

Pros:Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat

  • Nice design, vibrant colors.
  • Plenty of cush for the tush.
  • The blend of cotton and polyester is quite breathable.
  • The whole thing (sans the spreader bar) is machine-washable.
  • Great for sensory seeking individuals, especially kids.
  • Plenty of online reviews.


  • Doesn’t come with any hanging hardware, so you’ll have to buy that separately.

If you’re looking for the ultimate study and snooze chair, you might want to check out the Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair – it’s definitely one of the most padded hammock chairs out there.

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