Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair Review

Many parents want to give their children the best possible start in life. This often means ensuring they have the absolute best of everything, and when it comes to wooden high chairs, the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair is of the highest quality. However, it does have a high price tag to match, so this is a choice for parents with an unlimited budget, or looking to splurge on a high quality high chair. This is valid investment as a high chair will be used frequently, a couple of times a day, every day from when your baby is six months old until they’re around 3. And as the high chair will be visible with the rest of your dining furniture during that time, it’s not surprising that many families consider it wise to spend a little more and find something perfect.

When to Buy a High Chair?

Stokke Tripp Trapp High ChairOnce your baby gets to around six months old and starts holding their own head up, they’re ready for a high chair. And after six months of living around your baby’s eating and sleeping schedule, most parents will be thrilled to regain some normality and a regular schedule again. Eating hot meals at the right time with the rest of the family is a great way to get back into a normal routine, and start living your life with a baby, and adapting to parenthood, rather than revolving your eating, showering, and sleeping around your baby. By taking turns in feeding yourself and spooning some food to your baby, they will get their first experience in taking turns and sharing. Sharing in the sense of being patient, and also in sharing your time, this will make their interactions with siblings and other children at daycare or nurseries so much better. Other social skills can also be improved by using a high chair. For example being in a high chair at the dinner table will be the first time your child is on eye level with the rest of the family. This will promote eye contact from an early age, which is a massive achievement for your child as it’s such a valuable social skill. They’ll also be able to see your faces and pick up on expressions, social cues, and speech, and will develop these skills themselves quicker, as they are able to learn from mimicking their family. They will also try to copy picking up their food and feeding themselves, which is excellent for fine and gross motor skills, as they will be trying to control their little hands and fingers in picking up food and getting it to their mouth. These are all major factors in promoting their communication skills as well as their physical development, and helps them advance quickly.

Eating with the whole family promotes a healthy attitude towards food, while they get used to spending quality time with the whole family from an early age.

While all of the above advantages and benefits come from using any high chair, there are some great aspects that are specific to wooden high chairs. For one, they’re the easiest to clean and keep hygienic. They’re strong, durable, and sturdy, and should withstand heavy use over several years, and stay stable even if they’re holding an energetic child, or surrounded by active siblings. Straps keep your baby safe and secure inside too, which is why wooden high chairs are still so popular – they’re safe as well as traditional and stylish.

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

Why Choose the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair?

As over 450 happy parents have left overwhelmingly positive reviews on this high chair, you can be confident that you’ll be happy with your purchase. This high chair has an incredibly high rating of 4.6 stars, however this high rating also comes with a high price tag. This chair has a high price tag, and does have a five point harness for younger children, however for babies and younger children, an additional baby set is required from Stokke, which would add another cost to your purchase. However, the advantage of this is that this chair can hold up to 300 pounds, and is so adjustable, that your child need never grow out of it. When they no longer need a raised chair for the dinner table, this would work as a desk chair in their room, or a homework seat for their studies. It can also serve as an extra chair at the dinner table if guests come over and more seats are required.

While the chair itself is made of wood, and there are wood finishes such as natural and walnut, there are also ten other color options. So whether you want wood because it will match your furniture, or because it’s easy to clean, the perfect color to match yours and your child’s taste will be available.  While wooden high chairs are not always known for being particularly comfortable for your child, this is so adjustable that it can be placed at the perfect position to keep your child comfy. The seat and foot rest are both adjustable, and even without the baby set this is safe for younger children as there is a five point harness. And while most high chairs only have a seat where the height is adjustable, the depth with this is also adjustable, ensuring your child is right up close to the table. This design is ergonomic, so even without cushions and padding, you baby will be supported, and the beech wood is made of is natural, strong, and solid.

Pros:Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

  • Stylish
  • Long term use even when a high chair is no longer needed
  • Solid wood
  • Adjustable so any baby can be comfortable in this chair


  • Baby set sold separately, so an extra purchase is required for younger children

Overall, this is a sleek and stylish chair, that can be used for years after your child has outgrown a high chair. There are so many options that it can match any dining set, and keep growing children secure with the attached five point harness. If your budget can stretch this far, then you will not be disappointed with this high performance high chair.

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