SueSport Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand Review

Why would I want a hammock? You might ask. And not only a hammock, but a hammock with stand, who needs that. Let me tell you, I think we all need one, and I for one sure wouldn’t mind if hammocks were to replace traditional beds as a place where the majority of humans choose to spend their most vulnerable, and some would say their most valuable and precious, time in.

Hammocks are simply better than beds, it has been proven both by SueSport Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Standscientific research and personal experience that nothing beats sleeping in a hammock. And what better way to experience this improvement in sleeping habits than to buy for yourself your very own SueSport double hammock with stand. If you choose to pick this hammock with stand up, you will not only be able to get a taste of improved levels of rest and relaxation, but you would also be able to achieve this anywhere you want. Back yard? Sure, no problem. Front yard? You got it. Your roof? Ok but make sure that it’s a flat surface and you’re good to go. There’s virtually no limitation as to where you want to put your hammock with stand, barring certain extremes.

Why are Hammocks with Stands so much better than Beds?

You may think it unwise to sleep or rest in the outside, exposed to the elements, instead of in your cosy room walled off from the wind and your local climate. And in the most extreme of weather circumstances, I would definitely have to agree with you. But when there is a pleasant breeze outside, wouldn’t you prefer to have a little nap out there than in your room? Your room, where it would either be too hot if you shut all your windows, or there would be a strong draft circulating through the room if you leave some windows open; or the pleasant outside where you can get acclimatized to your surroundings remarkably swiftly if you just relax and enjoy them. I would definitely go for the latter option.

The fact of the matter is that not only is sleeping or resting atop a hammock better and more relaxing than doing it in a bed, but it is also healthier for you. This is primarily due to the fact that the suspension system that is employed in hammocks with stands, allows for your body to sort of ‘gently float’, so that it is neither pinned down to a hard surface, nor is it in some kind of perpetual free-fall due to excessive softness of the sleeping surface. The design of hammocks with stands allows for this kind of ‘sleeping freedom’, mostly since it allows our body to fully relax without creating so-called pressure points, i.e. points at which more strain is applied from our back to the sleeping surface and, due to the laws of physics, vice versa. It is in these, pressure point-free sleeping positions, that our sleep and rest is most pleasing and recuperating, and this is the reason so many people actually prefer hammocks with stands to their beds.

Why Choose SueSport Double Hammock with Stand?

SueSport Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel StandThe SueSport double hammock with stand is actually one of the least expensive hammocks with stands on the market today, which is great for those of us who are looking for a good bargain, but are also interested in getting a good quality hammock for our money. The folks at SueSports definitely gave it their all when designing this particular hammock with stand, and it shows in the final product’s popularity and reputation. The manufacturer not only made sure that the hammock is of the best quality available for such a low price, but they also included a little sweetener to the deal for all those interested in buying.

What this particular sweetener essentially entails is that all those who decide to purchase a SueSport double hammock with stand, are given the opportunity to participate in the company’s special 30-day DARE TO COMPARE Money Back Challenge! Now I realize you may be a bit skeptical when it comes to deal sweeteners and the sort, but hear me out on this one. The deal provides all those who buy the hammock with stand with the opportunity to return it at any time during this one month period of time, if for any particular reason they feel dissatisfied with the hammock itself. This is, if I may say so myself, quite a good opportunity for all those who are not quite sure that this is the right hammock with stand for them, to buy it, test it out for a good long while, and then make their final decision on whether they would like to keep it or return it and get their full refund.

This definitely seems as a great deal, but let’s get into the design and quality of the hammock itself. The hammock’s pad is made of pure 100% cotton, which ensures top levels of softness and comfort. It is also designed to support weight of up to 450 lbs. (205 kg), which is more than enough for you and your significant other to enjoy a sunset or two in the peace and quiet of your back yard. This is made possible by the sturdy, yet admittedly a bit unwieldy, steel stand that is used as the basis of the hammock. To be a bit more specific, the joints of the steel stand are a bit tightly wound so as to minimize any shaking or instability of the hammock, which is reasonable, but cuts away some of the mobility of the entire hammock.

Pros:SueSport Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand

  • Excellent value for money spent.
  • Great manufacturer incentive guarantee which allows further flexibility when buying.
  • Sturdy construction ensures there is very little to no risk of falling.
  • Cotton pad combined with the strong construction of the stand allows for an excellent sleeping/resting experience


  • Arguably of slightly lower quality than the top hammocks with stands.
  • The sturdy stand is a little bit hard to move and relocate, but nothing too drastic.

When on the search for an extremely good quality and soundly designed hammock with stand, that is not all that expensive, make sure to give the SueSport double hammock with stand a look, it will most certainly fulfill most of your demands, and then some.

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