Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review

For a sleek and stylish, high quality and versatile stroller, there is no need to look further than the Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller, and in sleek black and silver, it’s ideal for both boys and girls of any age. Available on Amazon for $79.99 with free shipping, and free returns, this is a risk free bargain. Parents are understandably cautious about what they purchase for their child, however the free return can put your mind at ease, as can the rave reviews regarding Summer Infant’s quick and reliable customer service. Though there are thousands of choices out there for umbrella strollers, this is an excellent middle ground – in a middle price range and compact, while still having several additional features not found in other strollers, and having a solid aluminum frame which ensures the light and compact nature doesn’t sacrifice a sturdy, protective shield around your child.

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience StrollerThis umbrella stroller has a durable and stylish frame made from air-light aluminum, which means that while it’s light, it’s exceedingly strong, and the compact nature of the umbrella stroller doesn’t mean it’s flimsy. The product weighs 16 pounds altogether, which is an easy weight to carry for most parents, and the seat area is large enough to accommodate children as they grow, and to fit in children of the maximum weight of 50 pounds.

There are four recline positions for this stroller, however the canopy, which is includes a flip out sun visor, provides better coverage when the seat is reclined further back. It should also be pointed out that the canopy needs to be removed in order to fold the stroller, and unfortunately, there is no window in the canopy for parents to peer through to keep an eye on their child. With a five point safety harness that comes with padding over the straps, this is appropriate for new-borns onwards, as they are secure and safe when strapped in.  This stroller is easier to use compared to competitors for a variety of reasons. The first is the ease with which parents can fold and unfold the stroller, followed by the carry strap which means you still have free hands when carrying the stroller: ideal when travelling with children. The front wheels have anti-shocks and the back wheels are lockable, so your child is comfortable, and you are safe in the knowledge that the stroller can’t roll away, or be moved without you being aware – though bear in mind that the folding lock is manual, not automatic.

Whilst many umbrella strollers generally perform better in cities or on pavements, the Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review FoldedConvenience Stroller is tried and tested over uneven surfaces such as gravel or roads with pot holes, and is remarkably agile and adept to twists and turns. The wheels are equipped to sustain heavy use, even on uneven surfaces such as this, over a long period of time. This, combined with the compact nature, shows that this is the perfect stroller to leave in the trunk of a car and be brought out wherever, and whenever you need it. The agility of the stroller and durability mean you can use this everywhere; however the comfort of the parents has also been taken into account. The handles have a grip, so if you are going over a gravelly or uneven surface, you won’t end up with blisters from clinging on to uncomfortable plastic, and this is much taller than other umbrella strollers, meaning taller parents can use this without experience any of the discomfort or backache they usually experience when using an umbrella stroller for an extended period of time. While the canopy and sun visor provide all necessary protection for days out in warmer climes, there is also a rain cover and wind shield available as an accessory to the stroller, so it could be relied upon all year round.

Equally convenient is the healthy amount of storage provided by this umbrella stroller. The extra-large storage basket is under the seat, and easily accessible, even when the seat is fully reclined, meaning that even if your child is napping, you can access everything you need without disturbing them. There is also a rear storage pocket for those essentials you need all the time, which is mesh, meaning you can see what you have in there, rather than searching in the dark, hoping to find Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review Basketthe pacifier or baby wipes you need urgently.  For parents, there is a cup holder attached to the handles, ideal for carrying water or coffee on the go.

Some issues parents should be aware of include that there is no way to lock the seat into a reclined position, so if you child is mobile, they may be able to sit themselves up. If you want to be able to insist on a reclined position, in order for your child to nap for example, and they are stubbornly against it and strong enough to sit themselves up, then you may experience difficulties with this stroller. Another issue is that while this stroller can accommodate children up to 50 pounds, and is fairly roomy, the chair leg rest isn’t adjustable, so as your child grows, they will either need to sit with knees bent, or with their legs dangling, which may not be safe if their legs are long enough to touch the front wheels.

To conclude, this is most definitely a parent friendly stroller, ideal for any height or price range, and featuring helpful aspects like a cup holder, generous storage space, and handle grip. The agility, light weight, and compact nature means it can be easily carried and navigate any kind of area or terrain, while the solid aluminum frame, anti-shock wheels and five point harness ensure your child’s maximum safety and comfort. While extra accessories may need to be purchased for harsher weather conditions, there are very few families that wouldn’t enjoy the ease and benefits of this stroller on a regular basis, while also being able to use it for travel days out.

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