Summer Infant Retractable Gate Review

The Summer Infant Retractable Gate is a great option for a high quality mesh baby gate. While many parents baby proof their houses and apartments slightly before bringing home their children, the truth is that a newborn can’t really move around enough to put themselves at risk. It’s mobility that suddenly creeps up on new parents who realize that all of a sudden one day their child is crawling, walking, and climbing, and suddenly every sharp edge becomes a danger. Hot stoves, sharp kitchen knives, stairs, crawling into washing machines and tumble dryers – anything is possible and exciting for a new toddler exploring. And that toddler has absolutely no idea of what is safe and what isn’t.  Babies and young children can move remarkable quickly when they want to, and you only need to turn your back for a second for them to have gotten themselves into a risky situation – and the best way to avoid that situation is to install a baby gate near rooms that hold clear dangers to children.

Why Do I Need A Baby Gate?

Summer Infant Retractable GateAs your child gets more mobile, they may become tempted to get out of bed at night. They could want a toy or a drink from downstairs, or simply get confused, but a baby gate on their door prevents them from falling downstairs. The kitchen and laundry room olds unlimited hazards – from the hot stove, to sharp knives, to even pots of boiling water, it is absolutely not a room appropriate for children, and once most children know they shouldn’t do something, it’s the one thing they’re desperate to do. Make sure they can’t rush in there and hurt themselves while you’re not looking with a simple baby gate. While the main purpose is to protect your baby, this can also protect equipment, for example anyone with a home office who doesn’t want important files or a computer to become a play area.

While there may be older generations who insist that baby proofing wasn’t necessary back in their day, and children should learn dangers from an early age, the truth is that a modern household, full of technology, sockets, burning coffee makers and straightening irons, poses a much greater risk. And fortunately, baby gates no longer need to look like prison bars and be nailed into your door frames, they can be light, stylish, and easy to remove when you want to open up the space. It’s important for parents to find something the right size for their door frame that is also strong enough to keep your little one out of where they shouldn’t be, but easy enough for Mom and Dad to get through with one hand. It’s a tall order to find something that ticks all of the boxes, however the Summer Infant Retractable Baby Gate would be a perfect fit for most families

Why Is The Summer Infant Retractable Gate Right For My Family?

This is an awesome retractable baby gate. In fact one of the things parents love about it is that when they’re not using it, they don’t have to deal with it at all – no opening and closing to get between rooms, but also no awkward dismantling. The mesh simply retracts, the doorway is open, and it’s a tidy space, with no material flapping around. This is higher than some other baby gates, standing at 30 inches tall, so even growing toddlers can’t escape it, and as many consumers Summer Infant Retractable Gatealso use this to keep their puppies and dogs safe in one room, it is less likely to be jumped by a growing dog. And while it’s tall, it’s also very handy as it’s adjustable. This can fit door frames up to 50 inches wide, so can be used in almost any frame, and can easily be transferred in different room in your house, and can also be moved into grandma’s. No hours measuring and trying to find something the right fit, this will be perfect every time.  

The hardware for this baby gate is mounted, which ensures extra stability, which is essential particularly if it’s being used at the top of the stairs. The hardware is included, as is a baseboard kit which is needed for installation if you have baseboards.

One thing that is absolutely essential to busy parents everywhere, who are normally dashing from room to room trying to accomplish a million things at once, is that the gate is easy to lock and unlock. This couldn’t be simpler with this gate, as you simply  push down to lock the gate, and then pull up to unlock it. This is too hard for children to do it, and yet very simple for parents.

The mesh is durable, and the pattern is cute, so this will not be subject to wear and tear and is appropriate for long term use. The mesh is also gentler for your toddler if they run into it, compared to the old iron bar gates.

Pros:Summer Infant Retractable Gate

  • Easy to use
  • Black mesh will fit in all homes, can’t be missed and tripped over by adults
  • Durable
  • Hardware and installation kit included


  • Mounting needs wood or drywall so no good for stairs
  • This does attach to your walls so may mark them slightly
  • Can’t attach to bannister without extra kit
  • Expensive option compared to others comparable

Overall, this is a simple mesh guard that is a high end and high quality product, that will prove secure, durable, and long lasting. It will absolutely keep your baby safe and secure in one room, away from stairs, kitchens and pantries where they shouldn’t be, and as over 40% of parents who have used this product have given it a 5 star rating you can be confident that you will be satisfied. The back mesh means that adults notice the gate and don’t trip or fall over it when it’s closed, while being retractable means the space can be opened up with no stress or mess.

See current price here.

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