Sunbeam All Season Premium Heated Mattress Pad Review

When it starts to get really cold outside, it’s only natural to want to stay as warm as possible while you’re inside. And while turning up the thermostat all night is expensive and not particularly energy efficient, plugging in one appliance is a much more effective way of staying warm at night. Say goodbye to wearing several layers to bed and waking up in the morning feeling like an icicle – warm your bones overnight with this amazing All Season Premium Heated Mattress Pad. There’ll be no more fighting over the covers and blankets when you and your partner have individual dual controllers to set the temperature for your own side of the bed.

Why a Heated Mattress Pad?

sunbeam-all-season-heated-mattress-padA common thought is that an electric blanket will be a cheaper and easier way to stay warm at night, however this really is not always the case. While a heated mattress pad may be a little more expensive, it will easily  last for at least five years and will withstand multiple washes without succumbing to wear and tear, so ends up being much better value for money in the long run. It’s also so much more efficient than a blanket, as hot air rises from beneath you and stays trapped between the mattress below you and blanket above you, and so you are completely enveloped by the warmth. In contrast, hot air rises off an electric blanket too, and as a result about half of the heat generated is completely lost to the room. A heated mattress pad is also the safer option – provided it’s UL or ETL marked and complying with all safety regulations, as the pad is stretched out over the surface of the mattress, and so the heat always has a place to escape. Heated blankets can become bunched and rolled up, at which point the heat can’t leave, and they end up beginning to burn. So unless you stay perfectly still while asleep and know there is no chance of the blanket ending up wadded up, then the mattress is by far the safer option. Also, a blanket can be kind of heavy, which some people find uncomfortable, where the mattress pad feels like a normal mattress, and so doesn’t affect any part of your sleep experience aside from adding warmth. And while electric blankets may require specific washing and drying routines, a mattress pad maybe waterproof and stain resistant, which is much easier for anyone with pets, and can be thrown in the machine to be shed and dried like regular bedding, which can save you plenty of time and energy on household chores.  

Why is the Sunbeam All Season Premium Heated Mattress Pad Recommended?

This would be a high quality mattress pad even if it didn’t heat anything up. While the Sunbeam All Season Premium Heated Mattress pad is more expensive than other options, it really does deliver on quality and comfort. The top is 100% cotton, and quilted for extra comfort. As many people are mainly concerned with sunbeam-all-season-premium-heated-mattress-pad-2being able to feel wires while they sleep, this absolutely does not happen with this mattress pad, it is like sleeping on a regular comfortable bed. There’s the 250 thread count which also adds to the comfy and luxurious feeling, and this can fit on even the thickest of mattresses, as the skirt is equipped to handle mattresses up to 21 inches deep, so there’s next to no risk of this not fitting your bed. In terms of the actual heat function, this mattress pad is great in multiple ways. First, there are ten heat settings, so you are sure to find the perfect temperature for you. There is also an extra pre heat feature, which means you can set your bed to start warming up before you get in, so there’s no lying in the cold waiting to warm up. And while you can pre-heat your bed, you can also control when the mattress switches off – while the automatic setting is after ten hours, you can change this to two, or six hours too, so you really do reduce the risk of overheating. The Thermofine technology in this mattress also senses the heat around it and automatically adjusts so you get consistent levels of warmth, and don’t get too hot, or cool down drastically. Once you find the heat setting that works for you, it really does stay at that setting. Another really great feature is that there are two hating zones, so when you share a bed you can each control just how warm you want it to be on your side, saving hours of arguments and tension.

On average studies have shown that this can save you up to a hundred dollars on your winter heating bills, which means that after the first year of using it this has paid for itself. It’s machine washable and dryer safe so doesn’t add any extra hassle to your household chores, plus Sunbeam are one of the major recognised brand names for heated mattress pads, and have an awesome reputation, plus they offer a limited five year warranty, so you can buy from them with confidence.


  • Impossible to feel wires through mattress
  • Pre Heat setting ensure maximum comfort
  • Ten setting and dual controls provide ideal warmth and comfort settings
  • Auto off is excellent for safety
  • Mot energy and cost efficient way of staying warm in winter
  • 250 thread count, 100% cotton quilted tops is super comfy


  • More expensive than many other models
  • Some users would prefer extra heat to be generated at the foot of the bed for warmer feet

To summarize, there is absolutely no reason to pay extortionate winter heating bills or suffer through cold and sleepless nights, when you can buy the Sunbeam All Season Quilted Mattress Pad and enjoy individualized comfort and warmth.  While it’s more expensive than other options, it will be  long lasting investment that will surely save you money in the long run.

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