Toddler Bed Rails – The 5 Best Toddler Bed Rails of 2017

All parents want is to make sure their kids are as safe and happy as it’s possible to be. And while there are so many ways to do it when you bring your baby home from hospital and have them safely tucked into Moses baskets, play pens, and baby slings, as they get older it’s hard to keep them as snug and safe.

One of the first signs of your baby growing up is when they go from the crib to their first ‘big-kid’ bed, and suddenly they’re no longer safely ensconced in protective barriers keeping them out of harm’s way. While this is an important step, it can also be very difficult or parents and children, and having a bedrail can make the process a whole lot easier.

Why Invest in a Bedrail?

The transition from crib to bed is a potentially risky one, and can be tough on parents too. The main danger is in falling out of the new bed when there are no rails to keep your little one in place. This risk can lead to sleepless nights for parents who are waiting with baited breath for the sound of their kid hitting the floor, or even a series of bumps and bruises, where the worst case scenario is your child seriously hurting themselves and banging their head or limbs when they fall. While the bars on the crib keep your child securely inside, as your child gets older and starts moving around more, the crib is not the best place for them, as if they do flail in the night, they’ll be hitting their arms, legs or heads on something solid. The best way to safely move them into the big bed is to use a bedrail, which works for a variety of reasons. The first is that if they move in the night, they’ll only be touching foam or mesh, which is strong enough to keep them in place, but gentle enough to not hurt them at all. Moms and Dads can sleep soundly knowing their child is safe and not be exhausted the next day, and your child can feel secure in taking their first independent steps. It’s a big deal to move to a proper bed and be able to get in and out alone, however they can do it with much more confidence when you have the safeguard of a bed rail in place.

A bedrail can discourage nocturnal adventures, and may make your child less inclined to hop in and out of bed all night, or run into Mom and Dad’s room. While they can get in and out of bed, it’s a lot trickier with the rail in place, and they may be less spooked as they’ll feel protected and guarded against any monsters that may be hiding under the bed. This is also a great addition for households where a child may suffer from epilepsy, and  won’t always be able to control staying in bed. Having a bedrail can stop seizures and fits from being worse than they need to be by stopping your child from falling during a convulsion.

And, parents should be aware that a bedrail is way better for them on a day to day basis. As your child  grows, it can become increasingly difficult to lift them up and down over the rails of the crib, so using a bedrail, where your child can get in and out of bed themselves, can decrease the strain on you, and also make babysitting a lot easier for grandparents.

When it comes to styles, there are plenty to choose from, from a hide away rail to a foam bumper, there is absolutely a bed rail that  will work for every child in every kind of bed.

5. Dream On Me Mesh Adjustable Bedrail

Dream On Me Mesh Adjustable BedrailIn fifth place on the list of top 5 toddler bed rails, there’s the Dream on Me Mesh Adjustable Bed rail in pink, which is super cheap, and has an average rating of 3.6 stars. This is also available is cute blue and white colors too, which grants the parent with plenty of choice when it comes to finding something that will look good in their kid’s room. There are two unique features on this bedrail that should be pointed out. The first is that there are two adjustable height levels, and so this bedrail should easily and securely fit every size of mattress. The second aspect of the bedrail that makes it great is the fact that this is ready to use straight away, with no assembly at all required. Rather than fighting with loose parts and awkward instructions, this can be used straight away, and be all set up within a couple of minutes. At 40 inches long, this bedrail is the right size to serve as a barrier between your child and the edge of their bed, but small enough that they still have plenty of room and freedom to move around, and don’t feel caged in.

There are however some things that parents should be aware of before they go for this bed rail – the first is that this only fits adult twin sized beds – it won’t fit a toddler bed, or anything larger than a twin, which limits choice a little. The potential uses for this are then limited further, as the bedrail only works on box spring or platform mattresses, it won’t work on a slat bed. However, if you have the kind of bed that this can work on. Then it is a safe and reliable product, with a few cute colors that you can choose from.

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4. Summer Infant Single Fold Safety Bedrail

Summer Infant Single Fold Safety BedrailComing in fourth place is the Summer Infant Single Fold Safety Bed rail, which has a 4.3 star rating, and a decent price tag, which is very reasonable. For many parents, this bedrail will be the obvious choice, as Summer Infant are a well -recognized and trusted brand for baby products. This is very easy to assemble, and to set it up, all that needs to be done is ensure the security straps are in place and harnessing the bedrail to the bed, and then it is good to go. The most appealing factor about this bedrail is the fact that it has a hinge, and s can be folded down, which means your child has free access to their bed, it’s really easy for mom or dad to change the linens, and you can enjoy free access to sit on the bed and read a bedtime story, or have a cuddle, and only put the bedrail up on a night when you actually need it. This is also around half the length of a standard bed, and won’t feel like a cage to your child, it’s just big enough to be an effective bumper and stop them from taking a tumble. The mesh center is soft and breathable in case they do roll against it, however the frame is strong enough to keep them inside the bed. While this bedrail wouldn’t be appropriate for bunk beds or toddler beds, it can fit adult beds from twin to queen size.

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3. Regalo Hideaway Bedrail

Regalo Hideaway BedrailThe Regalo Hideaway Bedrail is third on the list of the top five toddler bed rails, and is overall a popular and reliable product. It has a standard rating of 3.6 stars which is from over 300 parents – showing that this one really is a crowd pleaser. The name says it all for this one- the most outstanding aspect of this bed rail is the fact that it can slide under the mattress when it’s not being used and be completely out of sight. Not only does this free up the room and let your child access their bed more easily, but it also means it’s less likely to get damaged if your child is playing in their room. You can sit and read stories before bedtime and get them properly tucked in before sliding out the rail and locking it in place to make sure they do stay in bed for the night. The bedrail has a steel frame which is easily strong enough to keep your little one safe and sound in their bed, while the mesh is breathable, and some extra technology and research has gone into the design of this bedrail to eliminate the possibility of a gap between the mattress and the rail. That makes this super safe for your child. Parents should be aware that this does require a box spring mattress to work best, and is more ideal on a twin sized bed than a toddler bed. This is also very convenient for parents as no tools are required to assemble it, and it’s machine washable, so is no hassle at all to maintain.

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2. Hiccapop Foam Bumper

Hiccapop Foam BumperIn second place, there’s the Hiccapop Foam Bumper, which is a valid option for anyone who doesn’t really fancy the more traditional bedrail. It’s absolutely worth considering for a variety of reasons. First, it has a 4.5 star rating from over 360 parents, so parents, who are the real experts on baby products – who have bought it love it. The appearance is more subtle that an old fashioned rail, and this just rests on the mattress and goes under the bedsheets, so it ready  to use within seconds, which also contributes to why parents love it. While some parents would be skeptical about allowing foam and plastic into their child’s room, this is not flame retardant, and is actually completely hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and even when it’s first delivered, it doesn’t have that plastic, chemical smell. Parents can sit on the barrier to say good night or wake their child up in the morning, and the cover sheet for the bumper is machine washable, which keeps things simple. As this rests on the mattress it can work on any kind of bed and on any sized mattress, there are no limits on how you can enjoy it. While this isn’t as high as bedrails, extensive research has been done to ensure it is still just as safe and effective as a steel and mesh bed rail, and the fact is that  the foam bumper can do the job. This kind of bedrail is a great compromise between keeping your child safe, and still letting them feel more grown up and independent.

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1. Regalo Swing Down Bedrail

Regalo Swing Down BedrailThe Regalo Swing Down Bedrail makes it to first place on this list, and for a whole bunch of reasons. It’s the number one bestseller on Amazon, and when it comes to children’s products, numbers don’t lie – parents don’t recommend products they  don’t believe in, and are generally a really honest source of advice. At only $19.98 it’s a total bargain, and has maintained a four star rating from over fifteen hundred parents, which is really a testament to how happy they are with this bedrail. It also shows that no quality has been compromised by this low, low price. This bedrail is incredibly easy to use, and can be set up with no tools at all. Bing lightweight and wipeable makes this great for road trips and easy to maintain. The swing down feature makes it really easy to make the bed, and also to interact with your child before you put the gate up and it’s time for sleep. Being lightweight also doesn’t take away from the strength of the bedrail as it s more than sufficiently strong to keep your child safe on their mattress, and won’t allow them to head towards the floor. Original technology has been used t make sure this stays in place, and no gap between the rail and the bed – which can be really dangerous for children- forms.  This is also designed for beds between twin and adult sized, and is not appropriate for toddler or bunk beds. This is certified by several safety organizations, and being white, it’s unisex, and should match the décor in any room, but most importantly, this will keep your child safe inside their beds.

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A bedrail really can make the life of a parent easier, and there should be one on this list that will be a perfect investment in keeping your child safe and secure at night.

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