Toddler Travel Bed – Top 5 Toddler Travel Beds of 2017

When baby and children’s products start to take over your house, and seriously deplete our bank balance, it can be tempting for parents to restrict new purchases to the absolute necessities. To limit clutter and halt the accumulation of products that are used once this is completely understandable- however this principle just does not apply to toddler travel beds which are multi-functional, will be brought out again and again, and actually seriously make a parent’s life a lot easier. All households will benefit from a toddler travel bed, for a variety of reasons, the most difficult choice most parents face will choosing the right one for hem, as there are just so many options available right now.

Why Buy A Toddler Travel Bed?

Any family going on vacation with a toddler understands that  it needs plenty of organization and preparation. There are so many possible problems that could occur, and while you want to focus on having a good time, you will also need to consider sleeping arrangements, as they do constitute a large portion of every vacation. While it may not seem like too big a deal to let your kid share the bed on vacation, the problem arises when they want to continue that pattern when you get home, and nighttime drama ensues.

Some kids just don’t take to sleeping away from home very well, so having a trusty travel bed, that’s all their own and feels familiar may help them sleep in hotels or relatives’ houses a lot easier.

If they’ve already switched from a crib to a bed at home, then relying on an old travel crib can be problematic for two reasons. First, they would absolutely love being back in a crib, being carried around and babied, and any steps of development and independence can be completely undone. They can end up rejecting their big bed when they get home, which means parents have to start the transition all over again, and many night time dramas could ensue as our child resists going back to bed and demands their crib again. Or being in the crib could even remind them of the freedom they have in a proper bed, and they may seek to take advantage when they get home by playing jack in the box games. Second, they could absolutely adore their big kid status, and completely reject going back in a crib for the vacation, resulting in a sulky child and exhausted parents during what should be a happy holiday, as bed time could be a drama every single night of vacation. Plus, as a parent goes through many sleepless nights worrying about their child falling out of their new big bed, this could be repeated if they get used to a crib on vacation again. If they struggled with the bed to start with, and then become accustomed to being protected by  the rails of a crib again, the whole process of waiting for your child to go bump in the night again.  

And while a vacation may only last a couple of days, the travel bed won’t just sit on a shelf gathering dust. It’s great to take to daycare centers for nap time, or use as a daybed if you want to keep an eye on your children during an afternoon snooze. They work really well for camping, and can even make a super cute seating area for reading or watching TV for your child. Toddler travel beds are also useful for little children’s sleepovers, and are perfect to take to grandma’s house.

What Kinds of Toddler Travel Beds Are Available?

There are so many kinds of toddler travel beds available that there is absolutely one for every family. Whether you’re looking for maximum comfort – like a padded bed, something simple to use like a fold down, or something extra light weight like an inflatable, there is absolutely something that meets your needs. There are options available for people with a tight budget, or looking to splurge, and al are high quality and reliable toddler beds that will make parents’ lives easier, and keep kids happy and secure while away from home.

5. The Brats On Board Toddler Inflatable Mattress

The Brats On Board Toddler Inflatable MattressFifth on the list of the best toddler beds is the  Brats On Board Toddler Inflatable Mattress. This is a reliable option that has received largely positive reviews from parents. It’s inflatable, so will be very comfortable to use. The fact that this bed comes as a two piece set –  an inflatable mattress and an inflatable fame is also really helpful, as the sheets can be tucked under the mattress, which provides you child with the same texture as a regular bed. Having the two piece frame also means that there are little bumpers around the travel bed, and as this bed is potentially smaller than the twin bed they’re using at home, the bumper will make sure they don’t roll off during the night. The fact that this is a vibrant green color means it can appeal to pretty much all families, as it is unisex, and is a color suitable for any child. This is more durable than an inflatable toy, but in case an accident does happen a repair kit is included with your purchase. It should also be pointed out that this is incredibly light, and when deflated can be folded to a very small size, which makes it perfect to store or transport. It can easily be taken to where you need it, but won’t get in the way when you don’t need it. One thing parents should be aware of is that a pump isn’t included with your purchase, so you will either need to buy a separate pump if you don’t already have one, or allocate some time to huffing and puffing to get it inflated. One thing parents should also be aware of is that the mattress is narrow, and a smaller pillow than regular may be required to sleep on. This is reliable, and most parents report that their kids love spending time in this bed while not on vacation.

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4. Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable AirbedIn fourth place is an amazing budget option for families not looking to splurge on a bed they may only use from time to time. At a really low price this is definitely the lowest price you will find for a high quality travel bed. This product shows that you don’t need to spend a lot in order to meet your child’s needs. Over five hundred parents have left positive reviews for this product, which proves that the low price tag hasn’t compromised any  quality. The colors for this travel bed are bright and vibrant and varied, however you can only request a color, there’s no guarantee you will receive that color, you may get something random. The top of the bed has soft and waterproof flocking, which makes it comfortable for your child, but also able to withstand your child, as it is easy to maintain and can be wiped down. This is 62 inches long, so can work for your child from toddler up to young children, so you can use it on vacations for a few years. On thing that really makes this toddler bed stand out is the fact that it comes with a little inflatable pillow too, so everything you need can be deflated to be packed and stored.  After this has been used for a few days in a row it may need topping up with some extra air. On thing parents should be aware of is the fact that this doesn’t come with a pump, and if you don’t already have one, you would need to buy one separated or take the time to blow this up manually- which could be stressful if you’re surrounded by excited kids on vacation. While there isn’t a pump, there is a repair patch if this does get a puncture.

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3. The Leachco BumpZZZ

The Leachco BumpZZZThe third option on the list is the Leachco BumpZZZ which is a totally luxury purchase, that also comes with a luxury price tag. This has a very high 4.4 star rating from parents, and many are happy to find that it is made in the USA. This is a pretty big bed, and it could easily work for three or four years if you buy it when they’re two. Despite its generous size, it is very light and can be extremely compact when folded, which makes it very easy to store when it’s not being used, and can easily fit into the trunk of a car on road trips. It’s made extra easy to store this in a car, as a handy bag is included to ensure this does in fact stay folded. The built up sides keep your child safely inside the bed, and one thing parents do find really attractive is the fact that this is a comfy bed, but not inflatable, it is ready to use with no effort at all.  When folded the right way, this bed can be folded into a mini couch, so it can be used at home as a little child-sized seating area, where your child can read, play games, or watch TV. The center mattress part and the bumpers can be removed in order to be washed, however parents should be aware that this is not the easiest  thing to clean, so if you’re little ones can be a kind of messy, then keeping this travel bed fresh may be lots of work for Mom and Dad.  

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2. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

The Shrunks Toddler Travel BedThe travel bed in second place on this list is the number one bestselling inflatable toddler travel bed. The reviews are great, this bed has a 4.6 star rating, and it’s easy to see why. The little bumper around the edge keeps your child safely tucked inside even if it’s a little smaller than their bed at home, and they may roll close to the edge. The mattress part can be lifted so the sheets can be tucked in, so your child can feel like they’re in a regular bed. What makes this different to other inflatable beds is the fact that it comes with a little bag to store it in, a repair kit, as well as a Jetaire electric pump, so you have absolutely everything you need to use this inflatable travel bed straight away. This bed can be used from the age of two until your child weighs 150 lbs, so most kids can use this for a good few years, and it’s durable so can be handed down through siblings. As this is an award winning toddler travel bed, coupled with the rave reviews from parents, this is a bed you can purchase with confidence.

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1. The Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

The Regalo My Cot Portable BedThis is the number one bestselling item on Amazon for fold up toddler beds, and over four thousand parents have left overwhelmingly positive reviews. The best part is that this literally folds out then folds down to a really tiny size, which makes it easy to store and pack, and super quick to put into place and use. It’s a great value option, and the low cost, high quality combination is a dream for parents. This has a durable steel base, and the canvas top is tough and reinforced, plus it comes with a matching fitted sheet, which makes this super easy to wash and keep clean. The manufacturer has adapted this to meet parents concerns, and a strap that previously went under the center has been removed. This bed can be used for children who weigh up to 75 lbs, so they can use it for a good couple of years. A product that is as highly recommended as this one is something parents can purchase with confidence.

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Toddler travel beds are an amazing addition that can make any vacation so much easier for both parents and children, and with so many different types available, there is surely the perfect addition to toss in the trunk with the rest of your luggage, that can also be used regularly around the house.

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