Top Five Extra Large Dog Crates

There are always thousands of options available when it comes to products for your pet. As most responsible pet owners want what is best for their four legged friends, sorting through all of the choices can be overwhelming. A huge time investment would be required to go through all of the possible options when it comes to your pet, when in reality, this is completely unnecessary. If you know what you need when it comes to your pet in terms of the type of frame, how strong and durable it is, and what you really need for an extra large dog, for example 40 inches or 48 inches, as well as considering your budget, then you can rule out most of the options. Once you do figure out what is right for you, then there’s no doubt that one of the options here on this list of the top five crates will be the perfect choice for you and your dog.

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate

Who Can Benefit From Using A Dog Crate?

Almost all dogs are able to experience advantages from using a dog crate, and their owners will also soon realize how much easier their lives are too. From training a pup to, to enjoying taking your pet on road trips and vacations, a dog crate can come in handy at all stages of life, and really enhance the relationship between you and your pet. From early training for a puppy, a crate is an awesome addition to any home.

One of the biggest milestones in training your puppy is house breaking them. Getting them through the house training process with only a few accidents inside the house, and without having to punish your pet too much can be a relief. As dogs have a natural and innate instinct to keep their den clean, they will not soil a small living space such as a crate. This means that they will hold it in when they need to go to the bathroom for as long as they can when they are in the crate. While this shouldn’t be used in a cruel way, and your dog should never be left in pain or discomfort trying to hold their bladder, it can help you predict when your dog will need to go. This means that you can let them outside as soon as you release them from the crate, and give them all the praise and attention they deserve for peeing outside in the right place. Not only will this speed up the process as it will be instantly clear to your dog where they can go to the bathroom, but it will also leave you with far less mess to clean up in your home. It will also mean you can use more positive reinforcement mechanisms while training your pet, which is effective as dogs do aim to please and genuinely want your approval.

This is also great for any families that are bringing an excitable puppy into a home with an older dog, or with young children. If your pet does get a little hyper, they shouldn’t necessarily be punished for their youth and exuberance but they shouldn’t be allowed to irritate and harass pets or kids. These puppies should simply be given their own special and safe space where they can calm down a little. And as a crate can include a comfy bed and some chew toys, as well as more than enough space to stand, turn and stretch, your dog won’t feel punished. They won’t be able to cause any trouble, while they also won’t be having their personality broken by being punished all the time.

A crate also work for other behavioral aspects, as a dog can’t chew on wires and hurt themselves, or scratch on furniture while they’re in a crate. By putting chew toys in the crate and keeping an eye on them when they’re not in the crate, they will learn really quickly what they can and can’t eat. However, this should not be considered a solution if you need to go out to work all day, as a crate should only be used for short periods of time.

As well as being helpful teaching new puppies the rules, and helping them to understand them as quickly and easily as possible, this can be a really useful tool for an older dog. If your dog has had surgery or needs to rest following an injury, then a crate can be a great way of ensuring they don’t over do it and hurt themselves more. They won’t be able to run around on a broker leg or pull out stitches if they’re all safe and sound inside the crate. The crate also makes it possible to travel with your pet, as they can use the crate both on the road and in the air. While it’s also possible to travel with your pet in the trunk, animals that shed will leave a mess all over your car’s carpet, while staying in a strange place can be scary, and having a bed for your dog in your hotel room can help them settle down easily.

While there are multiple benefits from using a crate, there are also times when it is not at all appropriate. This includes using the crate as a punishment, or for long periods of time. It also includes using the crate with dogs who are arthritic, as being in the same position could cause additional stiffness and soreness to their joints. Dogs suffering from sickness and diarrhea, even only temporarily, shouldn’t be put in a crate until they’re well again, as being confined with their own feces or vomit would be very distressing and traumatizing for your pet.  

5. Guardian Gear Collapsible Dog Crate

Guardian Gear Collapsible Dog CrateThe Guardian Gear Collapsible Dog Crate  is an awesome option for someone who wants a crate that does not fit the traditional model. This is more like a pop up tent, so could be an excellent option for dogs who don’t respond well to being in a crate or any container resembling a cage. At a higher price, this is a fairly expensive option, however it does come with a variety of additional features. This includes a faux sheepskin mat so your pet can enjoy a comfortable bed while inside. There is also a carrying case, which makes it easy to travel with, and ground stakes so this can be safely and securely used outside. As this is made of material, it is much lighter than a metal frame, which can make it easier to carry, and it folds to be extremely compact which is great for storage. While some owners may be concerned about the safety of using a fabric crate, many precautions have been taken to make sure this is perfectly safe. The sides all have mesh panels which means this is well ventilated and won’t make your dog overheat. The interior will remain breathable at all times, and your dog will be fine, even in warm weather. There are flaps over the mesh, so you can make the space darker if you are hoping to encourage your pet to nap. This is perfect for any owner looking for a non-conventional crate.

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4. BestPet 2 Door Pet Wire Cage

BestPet 2 Door Pet Wire CageThe BestPet 2 Door Pet Wire Cage is a great budget option at a more reasonable price, however the low cost does mean that the frame isn’t as strong as other options. This means that this is a great crate for a puppy who isn’t as strong as a fully grown extra large dog, or a larger dog who totally accepts the crate. However, this is not ideal for boisterous extra-large dogs who will fight their way out for the cage, as they will be able to bend the bars and escape if they really are determined. As over 1200 happy pet owners have left positive reviews, you can be sure that this is a trustworthy and reliable product. There are several doors on the crate, one on the front and one on the side, which means you can keep this almost anywhere in your house, and arrange it in a way that is convenient, without affecting your pet’s ability to access their crate. This is a great low cost option for anyone with a calm and well behaved pet.

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3. OxGord Dog Crate

OxGord Dog CrateThe OxGord Dog Crate is also an amazing budget option, however by paying a little more  – you are getting a much stronger and sturdier crate. This is really a massive crate and should only be used for huge dogs like Great Danes. However, if this crate does turn out to be a bit too big for your pet, or too big for a puppy who isn’t fully grown yet, then a divider panel is included, so you can make the living space smaller. This helps to make sure the interior is the appropriate size for a den, and will trigger your dog’s instinct not to go to the bathroom in their living space. If the crate is too spacious, they may be comfortable going to the bathroom on one side, and living in the other, so having a dividing panel means you can restrict the space, so your dog is comfortable, but contained enough to hold it in when they need to go to the bathroom. This is easy to set up, and no tools are required to put it up, or take it down. When folded down, this resembles a suitcase, including a handle, which makes it very easy to transport. The bottom tray is removable, which makes the crate nice and easy to clean, plus the finish is rust resistant, so this won’t be damaged if it is used outdoors. Overall, this is a great low cost crate for an extra large dog.

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2. Petco Premium 2 Door Dog Crate

Petco Premium 2 Door Dog CrateAt a lower price, this is a low cost dog crate, however with a 4.8 star rating from more than a hundred happy dog owners, this is almost perfect. The wires that make up the frame for this crate are thicker than others, which makes them stronger, sturdier, and much harder to bend if your dog is trying to get out. Many owners have commented that they prefer the baked powder finish on this crate compared to others, and are confident that their dog won’t be able to damage this crate with any scratching or chewing. This crate also comes with a divider panel, so you can alter the living space for a puppy until they’re fully grown and take up the whole crate, as well as two doors, so your pet can access their crate easily. Plus, as this crate is collapsible it is super simple to put away when you’re not using it, or travel with, as it can simply go in the trunk, then pop back up so your pet has a familiar place to sleep while on vacation.

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1. MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog CrateThis MidWest Crate is Amazon’s Choice of Dog Crate, which is generally a really valuable indicator that the product is the best balance between cost and quality out there. As nearly fourteen thousand happy customers have left positive reviews, it is a safe bet to choose this product, which has a 4.6 star rating, and a bestselling item. This is spacious enough to hold extra large dog breeds, and also includes a divider panel, so it can be effectively used to crate train pups, before they grow into the full size dogs. There’s also a one year guarantee, which means you can feel completely secure as you buy this, safe in the knowledge that you can return or replace it with no problems. The double door allows your pet plenty of room to get in and out, and makes it easier for the owner to get their blankets and toys in and out. Plastic carrying handles are included, which, coupled with the fact that this folds flat, makes it a dream to store or travel with. No tools are required to get this crate assembled, and it’s a strong, sturdy, and durable option, that can easily contain your pet. Nearly 14,000 pet owners can’t be wrong, this is an amazing and reliable dog crate.

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While your dog’s behavior may affect your choice, as will your budget, one of the five options on this list is undoubtedly the perfect crate for you and your extra large pet.  

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