Tot Tutors Primary Focus Rolling Toy Box Review

Children can be like a whirlwind, tearing through the house and leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Their toys and games can be scattered around every room in the house, and it can be very difficult to remember that grown-ups live in that house too. From stepping on Legos to losing important parts of games, your life, and your child’s can be so much easier when they have and easy place to store all of their things. They can find them easily, avoid losing parts, and their chaos can be isolated to toy boxes instead of the floor of their bedroom. Every games room and bedroom can benefit from a reliable toy box, and having a brightly colored one like the Tot Tutors Primary Focus Rolling Toy Box can make it fun and attractive, and encourage your kids to use it to keep their playing space neat and tidy.

Why Use A Wooden Toy Box?

Wooden toy boxes hark back to Victorian eras, and have never really gone out of fashion – and why would they? Sturdy, durable, reliable, and safe to use, they’re the perfect answer to most parents’ storage woes. Neutral colors, strong Tot Tutors Primary Focus Rolling Toy Boxmaterials, and durable and quality products that can withstand rough use are the key to a child’s storage option, and wooden toy boxes can tick all of these boxes. Using a wooden toy box is much better than using a plastic one for a variety of reasons. First, the plastic and chemicals used to manufacture a toy box are terrible for the environment, and when they break – which they inevitably do, they can’t be recycled, and aren’t biodegradable at all. A wooden toy box doesn’t require any harsh chemicals in its manufacture, and if it does break it can be recycled, though as it’s a lot tougher than plastic, it will probably last a lot longer. If a plastic toy box is still in good condition once it’s no longer needed, it can’t really be used anywhere else in the house, and is worth very little in terms of re-sale. It would most likely be given to a charity shop, where a wooden toy box in good condition would lose very little monetary value, and you could make back almost all of what you spent on it. Wooden toy boxes are also safer, as not only can they be placed near a heater or radiator without melting, but they’re less brittle, and less likely to crack. A plastic toy box can snap in areas, which results in very sharp edges, which is no good for little fingers that can be cut or scratched. Another vital point to consider is the fact that a wooden toy box, while it may have some colorful child friendly elements, like on the Tot Tutors Primary Focus Rolling Toy Box, it is still a far more neutral and stylish option that a plastic toy box, where colors fade, and the style or gimmick quickly dates. The plastic toy boxes are only really appropriate in a child’s bedroom, while a wooden option, even a wooden option with color, is still more discreet, and can fit in another area of the house that you’re hoping to keep tidy too. There is literally no reason to ever pick a plastic toy box over a wooden one, and even though wooden toy boxes are generally more expensive, budget options, such as this offering from Tot Tutors prove that budget options are also available.

What Makes This One Special?

The main attractive feature of the Tot Tutor toy box is the price, at only $35 it’s an amazingly low cost option for a wooden toy box, and this cost doesn’t seem to b at all detrimental to the quality of the product, which is shown by the fact that it has a 4 star rating based on honest reviews from parents who use the toy box every day. This is an incredibly high rating for such a low-cost option, and shows that no quality has been sacrificed.

This wooden toy box has a very simple and classic design, with a contemporary twist thanks to the red, blue, yellow and Tot Tutors Primary Focus Rolling Toy Boxgreen panels. These colors will match the décor of pretty much any kid’s room, and while they’re bright and attractive to children, they’re neutral and simple enough to not be outrageous if the box is used in a family room or other area of the house. The design that can be used in the bedroom, play room, and living room is deliberate, as this toy box has wheels, and at 16 lbs is so lightweight that your little ones can enjoy pushing their toys around the house, and have fun collecting their goodies from every room as they tidy up. The natural wood tone combined with the pop of color makes this a firm favorite as it balances the tastes of Mom and Dad with the tastes of the child. This is a small and nifty toy box that can be fitted into every corner to keep the toys and chaos out of the way, however there’s still plenty of room for toys, as the dimensions are more than roomy enough to host toys, games and furry animals all together. This box is 27 inches long, 18 high, and 16 inches wide, which is more than enough space for the average child’s possessions. Assembly is required, but this is very simple and easy to do.

Pros:Tot Tutors Primary Focus Rolling Toy Box

  • Low cost, high quality
  • Parents love it
  • Part of a Tots Tutors Collection, so matching products available
  • No lid so children can access easily, and no risk of jamming fingers
  • Wheels make this versatile


  • Bottom board is thinner than others
  • There wouldn’t be room to store multiple children’s toys in this space

Overall, this is an excellent low cost alternative to a plastic toy box. As many wooden toy boxes can break the bank, this is comparable to the price of a good plastic box, but has all of the advantages associated with a traditional wooden toy box, which makes this a great balance between the two options.

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