ToysOpoly Pet Playpen Cage Review

Bringing home a puppy is a big deal to most people, who are already in love with their little fur ball, and want to give it the best life possible. The best behaved and most-loved dogs don’t get that way by themselves, instead they are consistently trained and supported by their owners, so they know how to socialize with other pups, how to behave indoors and outdoors, and what they can and can’t chew on. From the earliest days of introducing your dog to your home, you can start training them, so their behavior comes naturally. This not only means that your life as a dog owner is easier, but also that your puppy knows how to please you and get praise, which they’re really eager to do. And while a dog playpen has all of these training benefits, they can also simply make your life easier when you need to do some household chores, and keep your dog in one space for a few minutes.

What Are the Benefits of a Dog Playpen?

toysopoly dog playpenHaving a doggy playpen makes your life easier in a variety of ways, from their initial training to later in life too. At first, your dog does not know what they can and can’t chew, and will instinctively gnaw on anything available – which could include your couch, shoes, doorways, or dining table. It’s becoming more recognized that some puppies who are simply punished for this behavior simply repeat it when their owners aren’t home, thinking that if their human isn’t around, then they won’t be punished. It’s far better for you, your puppy, and your interior décor to simply use a playpen when you bring your dog home, and store the toys that it’s OK to chew inside. By filling it with plenty of things they are allowed to chew, they’ll instinctively turn to these objects when they’re not in the pen. This can even work for an older dog who has never quite got the hang of not eating the furniture.

This is actually an example of another advantage of a good dog play pen, as it can fit in chew toys, a bed, and food and water bowls. This gives your pooch everything they need to be comfortable, and they should still have space to walk around and play while inside the playpen. This is much better for them compared to a small cage or a crate. It simply contains them, rather than restricting them. While crates are often used to house train dogs, a playpen can serve the double purpose of being a handy spot for your dog throughout their whole life, but can also be home to puppy pads when they’re young. Using the playpen can also increase the predictability of when they’ll need the bathroom – this means you can make sure they’re outside when the time comes, and lavish them with praise. This will increase their understanding of where to pee, and can help them become housebroken quickly. While many people use their playpen indoors as a place to keep energetic and mischievous dogs while doing housework or entertaining guests, they are also ideal for outdoor use if your yard isn’t properly fenced, or if you dog is determined enough to break free somehow.

Why Choose the ToysOpoly Pet Playpen Cage?

The ToysOpoly Playpen is Amazon’s Choice of puppy play yards, which can generally be taken as a really strong indication that this dog playpen is an excellent balance of quality and price. Almost one thousand happy pet owners have left rave reviews for this doggy playpen, which has resulted in an incredibly high 4.6 star rating. At a low price, this is not an exorbitantly priced product, while it is considered amongst the highest quality options available. And while many ToysOpoly Pet Playpen Cagepeople use this for an energetic dog, this is more than spacious enough to hold three cats, if you need somewhere to keep them safe at certain times of the day.

This playpen comes with a tent, a zipper top with sun protection, and a zipper bottom. And for anyone looking to make sure this is as safe as possible outdoors, it also includes 4 stainless steel anchors. This is huge, and has plenty of space for your pet to wander around and play with their toys, or each other. This is not a claustrophobic or cramped space, but rather somewhere they can enjoy spending time. This has a 45 inch diameter, and is 24 inches high, which is more than sufficiently roomy for a pet pooch.  It’s a safe space that doesn’t leave your pet cooped up or uncomfortable. The mesh material is breathable, and ensures the space inside is well ventilated, and not too hot or stuffy. Plus, this can be used like a little kennel, as the door can be zipped back, allowing your dog the freedom to walk in or out at times, while at others you may choose to zip everything up, and keep them securely inside.

The fabric used in constructing this playpen is extremely durable, and can even be taken on camping trips. It’s waterproof, so can be used outside in wet weather, and is also washable – though it maybe a little large for some machines, and will need to be sprayed or hosed clean instead. This playpen is a bright and bold blue color, that is sturdy, and won’t be toppled by energetic animals.

Pros:ToysOpoly Pet Playpen Cage

  • Rave reviews
  • Low cost and high quality
  • Spacious and comfortable, with room for beds, toys, food, and water
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Well ventilated, and removable roof and floor can adapt to your needs and preferences


  • May be too big to wash in a machine
  • Can be awkward to fold back up when you want to put it away

Overall, this dog playpen is hard to beat. It combines a lot of the most appealing features of other playpens, while maintaining a low cost. Dogs and their humans are thrilled with this play yard, and are more than happy to recommend it to others.

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  • The fabric used in constructing this playpen is extremely durable, and can even be taken on camping trips. While I have blogged about Great Pyrenees and cats previously, I have noticed many people doing searches on the subject. Nice of post for just prt aniamal’s …….

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