UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart Review

If you’re looking to redecorate, adding a gold bar cart to your home UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart Reviewbar set up in a must. Thankfully, with the advent of internet shopping, it barely even requires any effort. All you’ve got to do is consider what sort of look you’re going for and browse the plentiful options online until you find the perfect choice. Then it’s just a few clicks to the checkout line and suddenly you’ve got a fabulous compliment to your bar on its way.

Even if you don’t have a full bar setup at home, there are still plenty of reasons to dress up your home with a new bar cart. In this article we’ll take a look at why you should consider making this your next home décor purchase, and review one of the best gold bar carts on the market right now to get you started on your search.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart?

If you have a home bar setup, you may be wondering why you would even need a bar cart. A big part of the answer is portability and exclusivity. Think of a bar cart as a sort of “featured items” section. You can take you favorite drinks and select bar supplies from the bar setup and bring them out back for a barbecue, creating a mini bar in your backyard whenever you need it.

You can also use the bar cart as a way to store “the good stuff”. Think of the impact it’d have: wheeling out your bar cart of cut glass decanters filled with your favorite drinks, grabbing a glass for a friend or coworker as you explain that you don’t pour these for just anyone. It’s an easy way to make a big impression when you invite folks over for a special gathering. You quickly become the favorite host with the eye-catching bar set up.

A great looking gold bar cart can also be a good first step if you’ve always wanted a home bar but didn’t have the space or weren’t sure where to start. You can choose just a few key items to get you started. When placed artfully on your new gold bar cart they look picture-perfect, rather than an austere collection. You can keep the cart off to one said in your main room, and whenever needed wheel it right up to the action. This way nobody has to run back and forth from the kitchen making drinks; you already have everything you need on your gorgeous cart.

What Makes The UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart So Great?

UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart ReviewThe UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart looks almost like an antique, in the best way possible. Guests would have no trouble believing you snagged this at an estate sale, or that its a family heirloom rescued from a dusty storage unit.

The shelves are oval, measuring 30” by 16”. The bottom of each of the two shelves is made of mirrored glass. The shelves rest on a metal support that edges underneath and around each shelf. Coming up an inch or so off the shelf is a decorative edging that creates a bit of a lip on the shelf so that nothing falls off when the cart is moved.

All of the metal is done in a gorgeous antiqued gold; they’ve added in a faux patina that manages to give this gold bar cart a sense of age and history without making it feel “old” and in disrepair. Rather, it makes you imagine this is exactly the sort of thing Mr. Gatsby would’ve had at one of his grand soireés, a girl in a glamorous flapper dress standing next to him as he fixed a drink.

There are four vertical pieces that make the body of the cart; these are located on either side of the oval shelves, right where they begin to narrow. At the top, two of them are capped with decorative finials–no chance to include a good design element has been spared. The other two are joined by a gracefully curved bar, creating a handle with which you can push the cart.

The wheels of the cart are also metal; casters done in the same antiqued gold finish. There are four wheels so you can easily position the cart where you need it, with the two nearest the handle equipped with brake pedals. These can become especially useful as the night wears on, preventing folks who may be less than careful from sending your cart careening down the hall while trying to pour another glass of brandy.

With many smaller bar carts, there’s often concern about the integrity of the frame–if it’s made out of lighter materials it can present a tipping risk if the top tier of the cart of fully loaded with liquor bottles. Interestingly, this cart’s frame is made of iron. This provides a little bit more weight, making the cart significantly sturdier than those that choose aluminum tubing for the body of the cart.

The best part might possibly be the shipping. On Amazon, this product is available for standard shipping, meaning it usually ships in about 7-10 days. If you’ve bought furniture online before, you know just how impressive that is! With all the amazing internet options for choosing the perfect piece to suit you, sometimes it can take months for these items to ship out to you, leaving you withering away in anticipation as you plan a party to welcome to beautiful new bar cart home.

ProsUMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart Review


  • Faux-Antique finish
  • Two-tiered shelving
  • Casters have brakes




  • Smaller size
  • Glass requires extra caution to avoid breaking



Regardless of whether you’re known as the neighborhood’s block party organizer or if you just have the occasional quiet get together, a gold bar cart can set the stage for all of your social engagements. Like the look of this UMA Enterprises Gold Bar Cart? Click on over to Amazon to take a closer look!

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