Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

The thing that most of us want is just a safe and comfortable place to sleep and rest after a long day at work or out partying, that’s not much to ask for I’d say. And what most of us have become used to as the utensil that makes all this possible for us is the common and traditional bed. But be honest, how satisfied are you with your bed? In regards of sleep quality, and waking up well-rested and ready for the new day. I’d be willing to wager that there are more than a few of us that are actually not that happy with our current sleeping arrangements.

Well hold that thought, because I have something that might well blow Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Standyour mind. Imagine spending your sleeping and resting hours on a hammock instead of a bed. I know what most of you are thinking, but how can I imagine a hammock, where am I supposed to fasten it, you realize that not all of us have palm trees just standing about in our back yard? It’s all right, I know that, I’m telling you about not regular old hammocks, I’m talking about hammocks with stands. These hammocks with stands are essentially a solution to most if not all of your sleeping problems. And when talking about hammocks with stands, the absolute best out there is most definitely the Vivere Double hammock with stand.

Why get a Hammock with Stand?

Some of you might be thinking that this is all nonsense, and that there is no way that beds would be in such wide use if there was actually a better sleeping utensil out there. And I’m assuring you that there most definitely is, and these utensils are hammocks, which has been proven by countless sleep quality studies and general hammock users’ honest testimonial assurances that the quality of sleep on hammocks is unmatched. This stems from the very simple yet very true fact that sleeping on a hammock puts your body in a most favorable position when it comes to achieving great rest and relaxation.

You may hear every now and again a hammock user explain their experience of sleeping on a hammock as floating in mid-air, and yet feeling perfectly safe and with no fear of tipping over. This is because once your body settles into a hammock, it does so with no specific pressure points, i.e. your full weight is distributed equally on the sleeping surface, and you therefore cannot wake up with the sort of a back ache or lumbar pain that you can get from sleeping in a bed.

Not only is sleeping in a hammock an improvement over sleeping in a bed in physiological terms, but studies have shown that it is also much more mentally relaxing and rewarding. You’ve never rested properly unless you’ve put out one of these hammocks with stands in your back yard with the breeze gently blowing, and you perched atop your hammock with not a worry in the world. The rest and relaxation, not only physical, but psychological, that can be reached when sleeping on a hammock, is simply unparalleled when compared to any other sleeping surface.

Why Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand is the best Possible Choice in Hammocks with Stands out there?

Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel StandThe Vivere Double hammock with stand is without a shadow of a doubt, the absolute pinnacle when it comes to hammocks with stands design. It’s relatively high price tag might turn away those of us looking to save a dollar or two, but I can tell you with the utmost certainty that this hammock with stand is absolutely worth every penny you would spend on it, and then some. And no, these are not just empty words, the manufacturer of this products definitely not only know what they’re doing, and strive to perfection while doing it, but also offer their potential customers an exquisite 12 month warranty on all the hammock’s materials, pad, ropes, and stand included. This means that in the highly unlikely event that any of the hammock’s components were to suffer some wear and tear, you get to order a replacement free of charge.

Now onto what, for me, is the most compelling argument that this is the best hammock with stand out there. You may have noticed when looking at other hammocks with stands, that their pads only come in one certain material and that’s it. Well, the Vivere double hammocks comes in not one, not two, but three different materials to choose from. This gives the buyer a great deal of freedom and multiple choices, which are all of the highest quality, mind you. You can go for the classic cotton finish, which gives you that perfect sense of softness. Or you can choose the polyester pad, which is what you go for if you’re looking for that hypoallergenic and extra mildew resistance. Or you can settle for the middle ground, the Sunbrella® design, which is essentially a variation of the polyester fabric with all its high tech characteristics, but with the added points to softness that cotton materials provide.

The space saving steel stand which is used as the basis for the hammock comes with the fullest of security guarantees, assuring that no amount of wind or restlessness will topple the hammock. Even though the material used for the stand is heavy gauge steel, its relatively light weight of 35 lbs. allows for easy maneuverability. The good folks over at Vivere definitely had everything in mind when they designed this exquisite hammock with stand.

Pros:Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

  • Absolute finest in quality of design and craftsmanship, not a single hammock with stand can compare.
  • Ability to choose from as many as three different pad materials which ensures full customer satisfaction.
  • Easily movable despite its solid frame.
  • A number of accessories such as a wheel kit for the steel stand, which allows you to move the hammock around even easier.


  • None, other than the relatively high price, which as was already mentioned, is absolutely justified and quite reasonable.

There it is folks, the absolute best in the business. The Vivere double hammock is absolutely a hammock with stand that I wish as many people as possible could experience, due to the unparalleled levels of design superiority and comfort it offers. A must have for all hammock connoisseurs.

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