VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller Review

Whether you have an indoor cat, or an aging dog, a pet stroller could be the solution to all of your furry problems, and the tried and tested three wheel stroller is known to be the most agile and easy to use stroller there is. There are so many reasons for responsible pet owners to have a stroller, there’s no way to exhaust the list here, but they include having a miniature dog who maybe gets tired on longer walks, wanting to take dogs who’ve had surgery or are ill outside, taking dogs or cats out in summer when the sidewalk is too hot for their little paws, or taking a puppy or kitten out in a crowded place and not wanting them to get stepped on. Animals are welcome in so many more places when all zipped up in a stroller they can’t escape from, so why not make your life easier and order the Vivo three wheel pet stroller?

Vivo Three Wheel Pet StrollerThe Vivo Three Wheel Pet Stroller currently has a 4.5 star rating on amazon, and is priced at the lower end of the spectrum for quality pet strollers, at $52.99, which is amazing value for a product which has been given a five star rating by 70% of users. What’s more is that with this stroller, it’s not only functional, but you can really express you and your pet’s personality, whether you’re looking for sleek and stylish black, princessesque pink, a bold and show-stopping red, vibrant green, or classic and neutral camo. This stroller is currently rated number one in pet strollers, and number three n carriers, which are figures that speak for themselves in terms of quality and popularity.

Even more important than style, however, is the safety and comfort of our furry friend. The stroller has a large pet compartment, with more than enough room to hold multiple dogs and/or cats, up to the maximum weight capacity of thirty pounds. They have room to sit up, or lie down and stretch out, and won’t be in the least bit cramped. Testament to the fact that this stroller is made for multiple dogs at a time is the fact that there are two leashes built in to attach to dog harnesses, meaning multiple pets can be secure even when the zips are opened and the top of the carrier is down. There are three zipper access points, meaning you can get them in and out quickly and easily, and the mesh windows not only provide a great view of their surroundings, but also ensure your pampered pooch is well ventilated and safe inside. This is truly a luxury way for you pet to get around town, for either a wander, a walk running errands, or even a jog to keep the owner nice and healthy! Having three heels and a durable frame really does make this a dream to handle, and the larger wheels at the back and smaller at the front ensure agility and a really smooth ride. Even nervous animals can enjoy this stroller, as the mesh window at the front allows your VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller 2curious pet to see the world around them and fully experience being outside, however another mesh window at the back means that they are able to glance around and see you are thee with them, leaving them safe and secure. You can also be safe and secure, happy in your pet’s safety as there s also a peekaboo window in the top of the stroller for you to keep an ye on them, similar to a child’s stroller. The top of the carrier collapses back to allow a more open environment, if your pet wants to be able to look around more, and is not likely to try and escape.

For the human pushing the stroller, the handle is fully covered in padding and so is kind to hands, and there are dual cup holders, so you can easily take drinks and snacks, and a center tray to hold essentials like keys and cell phones. The stroller is incredibly easy to assemble, fold up and down, and store. It’s largely already assembled, only the wheels really need adding, and it folds in seconds, and is so lightweight and compact it can be stored anywhere. The whole cart is collapsible either by pushing the red button on the handle, or pulling on two latches located on the sides of the stroller. There is a generous storage VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller Reviewbasket underneath the carrier area, to store the multitude of items that come with animal ownership like toys, treats, and water bowls, and the back wheels can be locked so there’s no feat of the stroller rolling away.

A couple of less positive points should also be pointed out, however they in no way detract from the fact that this is a high quality product at a very reasonable price. The first is that the basket that the animal sits in can’t be removed as a portable carrier, it can only be used as a stroller. While the canvas is somewhat claw-proof, a particularly determined cat would be able to scratch through and leave holes over time, so it may not be as durable as you’d like. The wheels are also plastic, and with the larger back wheels only having a diameter of 7 and a half inches, this stroller would likely not do too well on rougher, rocky terrain, grass, or desert, as rubber wheels, or larger wheels, tend to be more likely to not be damaged by going over those surfaces.   

Overall, this stroller looks exactly like the photo, it is sleek and stylish and highly functional. Almost all users who are real life pet owners would recommend this to  friend, and most have already done so. This is excellent value for the amount of details and features that are included, and it is so lightweight and compact it easily fits in the car. Most importantly, owners report that their animals love going for walks in this stroller. Want to check out some other versions? Check out our list of the best cat strollers here.

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