Winco CHH-103 Wooden High Chair Review

After filling your house with baby products t provide a safe little nest for a newborn, it can come as quite a shock that six months have suddenly flown by, and they need a whole new set of equipment. While strollers, cribs, blankets and diapers are all essential from the moment your baby is born, things like high chairs are only necessary once they get to around six months old, and are able to hold up their own head. This new stage of their development is exciting, and important to their development, but for some parents, the financial burden of buying even more new furniture and be a strain. Thankfully, this Winco High Chair is a great low cost option, that still maintains the traditional and classy look associated with wooden high chairs.

Who Should Buy a High Chair?

Winco CHH-103 Wooden High ChairThere are so many reasons to buy a highchair once your child is the right age, and even more reasons to choose a wooden high chair, as opposed to a metal or plastic option. When your baby begins to raise their head, they get more curious about the world and the people around them, and this is a great time to start using a high chair. They have a great view of everything going on around them, and can see all members of their family, and hear their interactions. This is a really big step for your baby, as it’s the first time they’ll be participating in something as a member of the family, rather than being cradled and protected from family chaos. This participation will help them be more comfortable in groups and social situations as they get older, and less likely to feel timid and afraid of groups, as socializing will feel natural. Being on eye level with the whole family will also vastly improve their social skills, and give them a great foundation of building relationships and communicating with people. Being on eye level will naturally encourage eye contact, which is a really great thing to get us to at an early age. They’ll also mimic your expressions, speech, and pick up on social cues, which will all help with their communication at a later date.

They’ll also try to copy your actions, and make strides towards independence and development by trying to feed themselves. Picking up food in their little fingers, grabbing a sippy cup, clutching a spoon – all of these attempts at copying their parents will  improve their fine and gross motor skills. By eating socially in a positive environment, they’ll also have a healthy attitude towards eating and food from an early age – which makes life so much easier than trying to develop healthy eating later in life.

While these benefits are all inherent to high chairs in general, there are also bonus features that come from choosing a wooden high chair. Wood is naturally easy to clean, and so can easily be wiped down and kept safe and hygienic. Wood is strong and durable, so less likely to succumb to wear and tear than plastic. Plus, as many people have wooden dining furniture, a wooden high chair is a great way for parents to accommodate their baby without sacrificing every room in their house, as their dinner table can still look good with a matching wooden high chair, where plastic options often stick out like a sore thumb.

Why Choose the Winco CHH-103 Wooden High Chair?

This simple and stylish wooden high chair is incredibly popular with parents and businesses alike. The fact that restaurants regularly use this high chair just shows that it is strong, reliable, and durable enough to withstand children – even children who are hyper or in the middle of a tantrum – for years, even when it’s used day in, day out. And as restaurants are normally a busy place with plenty of hustle and bustle, by using this high chair they show that this is sturdy and stable, and not likely to topple or be knocked down by people brushing past it – which is great news for parents of multiple children, who may worry about older siblings knocking he highchair over as they’re running around.

This is made of wood, and finished with a walnut coloring, making it the perfect addition to any household that contains wooden furniture. It looks classy and expensive, and not at all like a tacky and brightly colored child’s chair. This means you can still enjoy the décor of your home while keeping your child safe, secure, and involving them in the family routine. Parents are thrilled that this this high chair is easy to assemble, and is the perfect height to tuck their child in at the table, to spoon feed them, or get them in place to feed themselves. At a low price, with reviews from almost 200 parents that have contributed to an incredibly high 4.5 star review, this chair has proved that it is an excellent balance between quality and price. At this low cost, many families consider it the perfect chair to leave at Grandma’s house, so the little one has their special seat even while visiting. Most parents will be aware of whether their children are comfortable in wooden restaurant high chairs or not, so will know even before they buy if this is something their baby will enjoy spending time in every day.


  • Beautiful walnut finish
  • Low cost but rave reviews
  • Strong, sturdy, balanced
  • Straps keep your baby safe
  • Wooden high chairs are super easy to clean


  • Less padding in wooden high chairs, so your baby may be less comfortable
  • Non adjustable height
  • Stackable, but doesn’t fold, so not ideal for storing or transporting. Would be best in house where it can stay assembled at the dinner table

Overall this is a great high chair for anyone who is looking for something simple, stylish, and low cost, to keep either at home or at Grandma’s house. It’s easy to use, easy to assemble and will keep your child safe and secure for as long as you need it to.

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