Wood Toy Box The Large Bamboo Toy Chest Review

As every parent is aware, without proper storage, your child can end up taking over every room in the house. From their baby products up to when they start playing with toys, their stuff litters every room, and they can leave a trail of destruction and belongings in their wake. While parents love playing with their little ones, and would in no way want to deprive them of their toys and games, it can be nice to clear up some floor space, and have areas of your home neat and tidy. Using easily accessible and spacious toy boxes means that your home can be enjoyed by both adults and children, and can provide you with some grown up space. Nothing is more painful than stepping on Lego, so to keep it all tucked away, a toy box is an absolute necessity.

Why A Wooden Toy Box?

While there are plenty of modern toy boxes, they often include gimmicks or characters that will soon become dated, and even if they’re durable, they won’t fit in with your home or your child’s room after a while. For this reason, the Wood Toy Box, Large Bamboo Toy Chestemergence of the classic wooden toy box has begun, with any parents opting for the neutral and traditional wood, that is a timeless and high quality piece of furniture, that’s durable and can last forever, and even be passed down, or used for storage, long after the need for a toy box has passed. Wooden boxes are a much more sound choice compared to plastic for several reasons. The first is that they are often more environmentally friendly, as the process of creating the synthetic plastics, and paints that go on them is really damaging to the environment, and when they’re no longer needed, they aren’t bio-degradable, and will just end up in a dump somewhere. By contrast, many companies who now use wood products are committed to being CO2 friendly, and replant any trees they use, plus it’s natural, and can be recycled when you no longer need it. While a wood toy box can make a lovely heirloom to be passed down through the generations, and is a timeless enough piece of furniture to remain in the home for storage when a toy box is no longer needed, if you choose not to keep it, you are likely to be able to sell it on for almost the same amount as you paid for it. Natural, solid wood products don’t tend to lose their monetary value, and can be easily re-sold, while plastic products are brittle, less durable, and will have faded, and potentially broken in certain areas, and even if they haven’t, they won’t have retained their value at all. This brittle nature of plastic toy boxes also contributes to them posing a greater danger to your children than a wooden box, as where they snap can result in sharp edges, that can easily cut and scratch little fingers. Placed next to a radiator, they can melt and warp, and if they’re jumped on or treated roughly, they could just buckle, crack, or fall apart. They’re not as durable, and may need replacing over a couple of years. They also only really fit in with the décor of a child’s room, and couldn’t be used to keep areas like the living room tidy and organized, where a wooden toy box could be very subtle and stylish as a storage facility in family areas in the home.

Why Is The Wooden Toy Box Large Bamboo Chest Special?

This is a classic and extremely high quality toy box, and this kind of craftsmanship and materials does come with a high price tag. At a higher price, there’s no doubt that this is an expensive toy box, but if your budget can accommodate this, you would not be disappointed, as it is a beautiful, hand crafted piece of furniture, that could easily be passed down from generation to generation, and is at absolutely no risk of succumbing to wear and tear, or going out of style. While the Wood Toy Box, Large Bamboo Toy Chestbase on many wooden toy boxes is a bit of a letdown, this one has the option of a standard base – which is tough and strong, though if you really want an extra tough base, then a cedar wood base is also available. This is also much larger than other available toy boxes, and will absolutely accommodate all manner of toys, games, and furry animal friends, as is it 41 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 20 inches high – this is significantly larger than other options, and will no doubt hold all of the toys you would want it to. This is also a very safe toy box for your child to use, as despite being big, and especially heavy given that it’s made of solid wood, this also has a child safe lid support, which means that no matter what position the lid is open at, it will not drop and slam closed. Their little fingers are safe. The finish on the box is also child friendly, and if you love the sound of this toy box, but the colors don’t quite match your décor, Wood Toy Box Store has more available.

The most special and outstanding aspect of this toy chest however is that laser engraved personalization is available, so your child’s name or nickname can be carved into the box in a font of your choice. If you’re looking to use this as an heirloom, then you could even choose initials or the family name.


  • Extremely high quality, hand crafted
  • Personalization available
  • Durable and a timeless classic


  • Very expensive, though the quality does merit the price tag

Overall, this is not a budget toy box, there are many lovely toy boxes that come with a much less hefty price tag than this one, however if you want something of the highest quality, and unparalleled craftsmanship, and your budget can extend to this, then you won’t be disappointed.

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