Wooden Toy Box – The 5 Best Wooden Toy Boxes

As any parent who has looked around their home at the end of the day knows, kids can be messy. Their numerous possession, toys, games, books, furry animals and so on can end up all over the house, or at the very least all over their bedroom floor. Stepping on Legos and slipping on toy cars is best avoided, and the easiest way to do that is by investing in a sturdy and quality toy box, that your kid will love, and will make your life so much easier. Say goodbye to your living room looking like the aftermath of a robbery or disaster zone with a simple spacious toy box that can handle of your child’s prized possessions, and keep your house neat and tidy. Whether you’re having guests over, or simply want to enjoy some down-time in an adult space on an evening, the benefits of having a toy box to hide the mess and chaos are endless.  

Why A Wooden Toy Box is the Best Choice

If not wood, then a toy box would be plastic, and wood is the far better option for multiple reasons. First, it’s just naturally stronger, more durable, and long lasting, and is unlikely to need a replacement at any point during your child’s upbringing. It’s so strong in fact, that big wooden toy boxes are often passed down through generations as heirlooms, and grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren can enjoy a part of their older relative’s childhood by sharing the same toy box. If you don’t choose to keep your toy box, there are still more options when you have a wooden one. First, wood is recyclable, so can be further used, where a plastic one would end up in a landfill site. If the toy box is still in good condition, a wooden toy box doesn’t lose much of its monetary value, where a plastic one won’t fetch nearly its original amount if you try to resell it. The durability of a wooden box means that it won’t break and become a hazard, where the brittle nature of plastic toy boxes can result in them snapping, which produces harsh edges that could cut or scratch little hands. There’s also the fact that a child’s mess isn’t always confined to their bedroom – sometimes the family room and a playroom need some storage, and a plastic, colorful, garish plastic toy box does not generally go with the décor in a living room, where a natural wood box would be neutral and fit in in most living spaces subtly.

What to Look For In a Wooden Toy Box?

A classic and traditional wooden toy box is by far the best choice, however as with all children’s products, there are literally thousands of options and it’s hard to tell what the best choice for you and your family is. With wooden toy boxes there are several factors to consider. First there’s budget, as a hand crafted hard wood chest would be much more expensive than a thinner, more industrial option. There’s also an issue of functionality, as some can double up as benches or seats, which can be great for busy families when hosting guests. Style is also a question, as while the traditional wooden chests are beautiful pieces of furniture, they may look out of place in a home with a more contemporary design, and there are some really modern wooden chests that use bright colors to put a stylish twist on the classic design. With all of these elements in mind, this list should include a wooden to box to suit every family.

5. Tot Tutors Primary Focus Rolling Toy Box

Tot Tutors Primary Focus Rolling Toy BoxIn fifth place is this Tot Tutors toy box, which is an excellent low cost option. As wooden toy boxes are generally more expensive than their plastic counterparts, this is a great way to enjoy all of the benefits of a wooden toy box, without breaking the bank. The bright colors make this attractive for children, and as it is lightweight and has wheels, it can be used all over the house, and your kids can tidy as they go. There’s no lid, so no risk of any little fingers getting jammed, and it’s super accessible, even for younger children. With a four star rating from parents who have used it, this is a reliable little toy box, and shows that the low cost doesn’t mean that you’re compromising on quality at all. An advantage is that there are some matching accessories available that go with it, so you can have a really coordinated playroom. The base of the box is made from a lighter wood than the rest, and so this would struggle to handle really heavy toys, or children who may jump up and down inside. The neutral wood and shape, with the pop of color on the panels make this a great compromise between the parent’s and the child’s taste, and can keep everyone happy. One point worth noting however is that this is one of the smaller toy boxes on this list, and while it would be fine for one child, this would struggle to hold toys for multiple children. However overall, this is a great option for families on a budget, or even grandparents looking for something they can keep in their house to limit the chaos.  

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4. Wood Toy Box, Large Bamboo Toy Chest

Wood Toy Box, Large Bamboo Toy ChestIn fourth place is this very high quality wooden toy box, which is made of the finest materials and craftsmanship; however this is reflected in the high price. If your budget can extend to that, then you would not be disappointed in this toy box, the main feature of which is that is can be personalized with a name, or nickname. The baseboard for this is standard; however there is an option to go for a cedar wood baseboard which is even stronger. This classic style and shape will never, ever go out of style, and is a quintessential piece of children’s furniture. It could easily be passed down to future family members, especially if personalized with a surname or initials. Another great feature is the generous size of this toy box, as there is no skimping on proportions. At 41 inches x 21 inches x 20 inches this could fit in the toys for multiple children, and be shared in the family or playroom. It could also easily be used as a blanket box or other form of storage when a toy box is no longer needed. And while this is big and heavy, there is a child friendly safety hinge on the lid, so it won’t slam down and crush any little fingers. This is an extremely high quality to box, and strong and stylish, it no doubt meets the criteria for a reliable toy box. If your budget can stretch this far, you will no doubt be thrilled with the result.

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3. KidKraft Austin Toy Box

KidKraft Austin Toy BoxThe KidKraft Austin Toy Box is third on this top five list, and as is evident, the really stand out feature is the bright color options of the box, which mixes old and new, contemporary and classical styles. The benefits of a wooden toy box are combined with the brightness of a plastic, and the result is sleek and stylish. At a reasonable price, this is a mid-range toy box, it is strong and durable, however the base board is thinner than the rest of the box – though still real wood, not particle board. One of the great features of this KidKraft Austin design is that the box is actually available in a variety of colors for the same price – midnight blue, baby pink, vanilla, grey fog and white are all possibilities, so there is something to match every home. And if the color pop isn’t for you, but you like the shape and style, neutral wood tones are also available, like cherry or honey. As this toy box has a little backrest, it can double up and be used as a bench or seating area, which is great for hosting guests, or could even be used as a little reading seat for your child. The lid has a safety hinge, and there’s a finger crack at the front and center, so there should be no danger of trapping any fingers. What’s really remarkable about this toy box and the reviews it’s getting is the number of repeat customers – people who have been so happy the first time, they’re buying this for friends, relatives, or their second child. With a 4.2 star rating, this is a really cool toy box that your kid will love.

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2. Little Colorado Solid Wooden Toy Storage Chest

Little Colorado Solid Wooden Toy Storage ChestThis toy chest has a really simple and classic design, that will never go out of fashion, and is designed to be an neutral and subtle addition to any room, which would make it great for storing toys in the family room, as it wouldn’t stand out compared to other furniture. The fact that this looks as much like a large wooden trunk as a toy box means that it can be used as your child gets older for storage in their room, or can even serve as a blanket box or other storage in the family room. The classic nature also means it could be passed down as an heirloom, as this won’t go out of fashion. It’s much cheaper than comparable products considering it’s made of such high quality wood, and it does look more expensive than it is. With a 4.3 star rating, this is certainly a reliable choice that you can purchase with confidence. In terms of safety, there’s a child friendly hinge and finger crack at the front, which means this won’t slam closed on anyone’s fingers. Plus, as this design is so plain, it could easily be painted to suit your own exact tastes. It’s a very roomy and sizable toy box that can fit plenty of games, books, and furry animals inside, and as Little Colorado is a family business, this is a high quality design based on real relationships with the consumer and what they want.

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1. KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box

KidKraft Limited Edition Toy BoxFirst place on the list is this highly rated KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box, which is just so beautiful and classical; it would be a gorgeous addition to any home, even if it wasn’t so functional. While it’s not cheap, it is excellent value right now. The storage box doubles up as a bench for seating, which is ideal as a window seat in your child’s room, or additional seating if you have guests over, or want extra seating in a family room. The espresso color is very rich, and the deep dark brown looks very expensive and high quality, and will easily match any other espresso furniture. This has a 4.7 star rating from over 300 parents, which shows just how thrilled people are with this purchase when it arrives. There’s a safety hinge and a finger gap, so there’s little risk of painful trapped fingers, and there are also wheels, which mean this can easily be kept as a toy box in a child’s room, and wheeled into the family room for seating, or vice versa. However, if you know this will be staying but, the wheels don’t need to be installed, and this can sit on the floor. The base is strong, it’s a generous size, and this is very simple to put together, which make this an excellent toy box overall. When the lid is down, it’s not possible to see what’s inside, so whether you want to hide some mess and chaos, or just stop your child getting distracted by the sight of toys, this will keep them out of sight. The amazing reviews, beautiful design, and high quality of this product just prove that it really is the best wooden toy box available.

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These top five toy boxes should cover something to fit with any family, and are all from reliable sellers, who have been praised for the quality of their goods. Once you know what you’re looking for, it should be simple to find it in one of the options on this list!

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