Zicac Summer Clear Drawstring Backpack Review

Clear backpacks don’t seem to be getting a fair shake, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s because they’re earned a reputation as being plain. Most clear backpack purchases are made out of necessity for a work or school requirement and all too often that leaves people feeling unhappy with having to make such a seemingly boring purchase.

These clear bags don’t have to be lackluster, though. If you hate these backpacks because you feel like they’re totally cramping your style, don’t give up hope! With a little bit of persistent searching, you can find a clear backpack that holds everything you need, won’t break in three weeks, AND looks just as cute as any other bag you’d take with you to work or school.

Why Get A Clear Backpack?

Zicac Summer Clear Drawstring Backpack ReviewDepending on what you do and where you work, your employer may require you to bring only clear bags to work with you. This practice is most common in restricted spaces like prison systems or airports, but it’s also becoming increasingly common in retail stores. Unfortunately, clear bags seem like a necessity for many retail employers as a way to reduce shrink.

Some families also like to use clear backpacks for their convenience factor. Larger models can be turned into diaper bags, or even a basic catch-all for the odds and ends that a family of five inevitably carries with them for a day out and about. The clear walls of the backpack make it a cinch to find what you’re looking for without having to spend 5 minutes rifling through everything you’ve stuffed into the pack.

Who wants to go through jackets, cell phones, wallets, water bottles, and sunscreen just to find your 10 year old’s chapstick every 20 minutes? Not me. The clear back simplifies the search process.

Focusing on the kids, lots of schools now require clear backpacks for students. Some schools make this an everyday policy, while other only request clear bags during important testing periods like final exams or other standardized tests.

If you’ve got to change your strategy for the yearly school bag hunt in light of clear bag policies, you might end up with upset little ones who look at their backpacks as a way to share their likes and interests with classmates. “Clear backpacks are boring! And they smell funny!” is a common complaint from younger children who are less than enthusiastic about the transition. While its true that a plastic backpack will have an unusual smell at first, they certainly don’t have to be boring.

Check out the review below for a clear backpack that does its best to retain some of the style typically found in more fashionable girls’ bags.

What Makes The Zicac Summer Clear Drawstring Backpack So Great?Zicac Summer Clear Drawstring Backpack Review

If you have a little girl who needs a clear backpack for school, or if you’re a mom who needs one for work but doesn’t want to settle for an ungainly, boxy bag, then the Zicac summer clear drawstring backpack is definitely an option worth your consideration.

The bag itself is completely transparent, constructed of clear plastic. The bottom seam, buckles, handle, straps and drawstring are all a colored faux leather. These accents come in your choice of pink or a lovely seafoam green. The buckle style as well as the inclusion of a drawstring give the bag a more fun feel so that it isn’t quite as utilitarian as most other clear backpacks.

In terms of overall capacity, this bag may be found lacking by some. This depends, of course, entirely upon the intended use. The manufacturer’s provided dimensions for the item are 10.2 X 4.7 X 11.8 (L x W x H). This is small enough for entry into most sports stadiums or other areas that have restrictions on bag sizes. If you are looking to carry just the essentials wherever you need to go then it ought to serve you fine. The only problem is if you’re expecting it to hold several large textbooks or be able store your purse or lunch bag inside of it.

In addition to the large main compartment of the backpack, there are three separate external pockets that allow for additional storage of smaller items. The largest of these is located on the front of the pack and is roughly the size of a small clutch. The remaining two pockets are each on the side of the bag, and are about half the size of the front pocket. These would hold smaller items like pencil sharpeners, eye drops, etc. All three pockets have a decorative buckle in the faux leather that snaps shut.

The backpack straps are not padded; they look and function more like a purse strap and are attached to the bag with metal clasps. The metal attachments add stability to the design, but the lack of padding in these straps means that the bag probably wouldn’t be comfortable if you were to put something heavy in it.

While the bag is still durable, the focus here is clearly on aesthetic design elements rather than utilitarian functionality. If you don’t have lots of things you need to bring along with you and you know that you want a bag that will still make a statement despite its being made of plastic, then this bag is sure to be a win.

ProsZicac Summer Clear Drawstring Backpack Review


  • Convenient size for stadiums
  • Fashion forward
  • Two color options
  • Extra pockets for organization




  • Small capacity
  • Straps not padded


Clear backpacks are a great way to get organized and make family trips easier. They’re also convenient when you have to go totally transparent for school or work–but they don’t ever have to be boring.

Even if this particular bag isn’t your style, you can make your own personal fashion statement with the perfect clear bag for you. If the pastel colors and classically cute drawstring style of this bag have grabbed your attention, click over to Amazon to take a closer look!

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